The successful case of yogurt production line

The customer from Nigeria bought a whole yogurt production line that is the processing machines to produce fresh yogurt, and he has a very big farm where his father raise a lot of cows. It is the customer that has cooperated with us many times. I will tell you the detailed processing of our partnership this time today, which completely shows the professional skills of our company.

yogurt machine
yogurt machine

What is the process to buy the yogurt production line?

Firstly, he doesn’t have the customs clearance agent, and it is difficult for an individual to import without that person. Luckily, we have exported many machines to Nigeria before, in other words, our company is able to find a customs broker for him. Therefore, we give him the contact details of Porry who mainly engages in clearing customs at once.

In the beginning, he just wants to buy a sterilization machine and fermentation machine, but the whole production line also includes a refrigeration tank, preheating tank, homogenizer, and yogurt filling machine. We suggest him to buy all the machines to improve the working efficiency.

The question he has

It is the first time for him to buy theses machine, so he makes the list to the salesman about his confusion, for example, how long will it ferment? Would I need to anything to the milk before putting in the machine? Is it sterilized milk or raw milk during fermentation? Must I put the milk inside cups or bottles before I put it into the yogurt machine? The salesman answers his question one by one with great patience like sending video, giving the call or drawing paper about the working principle. Finally, he makes sense for the whole yogurt production line.

yogurt machine stock
yogurt machine stock

The size of the yogurt cup has 3 types, that is, 200ml, 300ml, 450ml, and he wants to order there sizes, but we recommend him to try 200ml firstly. Generally, people prefer to such a size. And then he confirms the model of the yogurt filling machine.

We know that this customer ever is cheated by other suppliers by deep discussion, and that company took his money without delivering the machines. We feel sad about such a terrible experience, and we send our certificate authorized by Alibaba and other business licenses to him, we won’t run away after receiving the money. Finally, he trusts us very well.

As it happens, sales manager Sunny needs to go to Nigeria for business, so we arrange her to meet this customer as well. The meeting between them is pretty successful, saying that he is glad to cooperate with us, and he makes the payment soon.

We have yogurt processing machine in stock, so we pack and deliver machines in a short time. Now he has received all the yogurt machine with great satisfaction.