What’s the working flow of yogurt processing machine?

Yogurt processing machine 1
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The raw material of the yogurt processing machine is raw yogurt or milk powder, and the final output is liquid yogurt or solid yogurt. Yogurt is favored by people in the daily life, but few people know how to get yogurt? What is the processing technology of yogurt? Let me introduce it for you now.

First of all, the process of pasteurized milk is as follows.

Raw milk – filtration – sterilization – cooling – low temperature storage – yogurt filling. What kind of equipment are needed? That is, preheating tank – double filter – homogenizer – milk sterilization machine-yogurt filling machine.

Second,the production process of liquid yoghurt: preheating–filtration–homogeneous–sterilization–cooling–ingredient–fermentation–low temperature storage–filling, the necessary equipment for it is: preheating tank– double filter–homogeneous machine–pasteurization machine–fermentation tank–low temperature storage tank–yogurt filling machine.

So what is the workflow for yogurt and milk processing?


The preheating tank heats the milk at a temperature of about 60 degrees centigrade, and then milk enters the double filter through the milk pump to filter the impurities such as cowhair in the milk.

Then, milk enters the homogenizer through the milk pump for homogenization, and the liquid yogurt and the solid yogurt both need to be homogenized. Why should the milk be homogenized? The main advantage of homogenization is that the color of the yogurt can be relatively white with good taste. What’s more, homogenization is able to break the fat ball in the milk, the homogenized milk will appear thin and even.

Later, the milk will enter the sterilization machine through the milk pump and you can adjust the temperature of the sterilization tank and sterilization time. The general sterilization temperature is about 85 degrees centigrade.

Finally, the compressor is used to cool the milk. The temperature for the pasteurization can be automatically adjusted, and fermentation temperature is around 42 degrees. The yogurt becomes solid after fermentation, and it usually is packed with paper cups.

The whole processing time is around 8 hours. Until now, the capacity of yogurt processing machine is 200L, 500L, 1000L,and we can customize it for you according to your need. Please contact us to know more if you are interested in it!