Tofu making machine running in Japan

Tofu making machines exported to japan
tofu making machines exported to Japan
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Tofu is smooth, delicious, and nutritious. The variety of tofu is popular all over the world. Traditionally, tofu is made by hand. With the development of modern technology, many tofu manufacturers have adopted automatic tofu making machines to make tofu. The tofu making machine makes up for the shortcomings of slow manual production, and the finished tofu quality is no less than handmade tofu. Our automatic tofu machine is already running in Japan.

Japanese tofu making machine order details

This Japanese customer has cooperated with us for the third time. Three years ago, the customer started a tofu making business and bought small tofu making machine from us. After a year, the customer expanded his business scope and bought two medium-sized tofu making machines from us. This year, the customer continued to expand his production output and bought a large tofu production line from us. Now, he has used the tofu production line to produce tofu.

Automatic tofu production line
Automatic Tofu Production Line

When we cooperate for the first time, the customer did not know the process of making tofu in detail. As a tofu making machine manufacturer, we shared the production process of making tofu with this customer.

The traditional tofu production process

The traditional handmade tofu production process includes: selecting beans, soaking, grinding, filtering, boiling, dotting, and forming.

Tofu production process
Tofu Production Process
  • Selecting beans: It can not only select soybeans but also mung beans, white beans, peas, etc. to make tofu. The beans for making tofu should be full-grained and mildew-free beans.
  • Soaking: The time for soaking beans should change with time. The soaking water quality, temperature, and time all affect the final tofu quality.
  • Grinding: Traditionally, it uses a stone grinder to grind soybeans. After grinding, the soybeans will ooze soy milk and okara.
  • Filtration: In order to ensure the smooth taste of tofu, it should use a filter cloth to filter residues contained in soy milk. Modern automatic tofu making machine will automatically filter soy milk and okara when grinding.
  • Boiling milk: In the process of boiling milk, add fresh oil to eliminate soy milk bubbles.
  • Dotting: Add coagulant is the most important step to solidify soy milk. The coagulant is usually used when mixing the soy milk while adding the coagulant.
  • Forming: Put the dotted bean curd into a tray with a filter cloth, and use a certain pressing object to press. After standing for about five minutes, the tofu has formed.

The above steps are the traditional hand-made tofu process. The automatic tofu production machine can realize the whole process from grinding to forming. The tofu making machine is not only in Japan, it is popular all over the world.

Japanese tofu production process

During the second cooperation with this customer, we learned that he uses small tofu making machine to make traditional tofu and Japanese tofu. The production process of Japanese tofu is similar to that of traditional tofu. Japanese tofu is a kind of cooked milk tofu, which is first boiled and then filtered.

Japanese tofu
Japanese Tofu

In addition, there are Chiba tofu, crisp tofu, tofu skin, dried tofu, and other tofu derivatives on the market. They are soy products improved on the basis of making tofu.


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