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Commercial tofu making machine
commercial tofu making machine
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The tofu making machine improves the traditional hand-made tofu craftsmanship and improves the quality and production efficiency of tofu. According to different customer needs, we provide small and medium tofu maker machines and automatic tofu production lines. The automatic tofu machine adopts an automatic control system, and the processing process is fully automated.

The whole soya tofu making machine adopts food-grade stainless steel, the production environment is clean and tidy. The produced tofu has a regular shape and a smooth taste. The whole tofu machine mainly includes four parts: a grinding part, a cooking machine, a dot pulping bucket, and a forming machine. Through different production processes, the tofu machine can also produce soya milk, dried tofu, and tofu skin.


Commercial tofu making machine brief introduction

The tofu maker machine has four parts: a grinding machine, a slurry tank, a heating boiling system, and a tofu forming system.

Grinding machine

The grinding machine is mainly used to grinding soybeans. It has a bean dregs separator inside the machine, which can automatically separate the ground soybean milk and bean dregs. Therefore, by using this machine, no need for an additional bean dregs separator.

Soya milk tank

The soya milk bucket is mainly used to hold the ground soy milk. The ground soybean milk can be directly fed from the grinder into the slurry tank. You can also buy more buckets for putting the ground soya milk and for later use.


The boiler has single barrel and double barrel models, and double valves control the boiling barrel. The boiling bucket can realize continuous and uninterrupted boiling.

Tofu forming machine

The soya tofu forming machine has two models: pneumatic and manual pressing. The pneumatic molding machine uses the pneumatic principle to lift the pressing plate, which can be adjusted according to the required pressing force.


The manual forming machine needs to be operated manually, and the pressing force is manually adjusted according to the production. The tofu making machine has a single forming device and a double forming device depending on the output.

Commercial tofu making machine structure


The following is an automatic tofu-making machine that integrates refining, boiling, and forming. It connects the four systems together. Using this integrated molding machine, the ground soybean milk can be directly fed into the boiler machine for boiling. And then you can use another barrel to pack and dot pulp. The soy milk can be poured into the forming box for forming.

Tofu production line flow chart

The production of tofu has gone through the processes of selecting beans, soaking, grinding, boiling, dotting, pressing, and finished products. The automatic tofu forming machine mainly imitates the process of handmade tofu to make tofu.

Tofu production process
Tofu Production Process

Selecting beans

In order to make tofu with a better taste, first, select high-quality soybeans. The quality of soybean raw materials will directly affect the yield and quality of tofu. When choosing soybeans, you should choose soybeans with full grains, which can increase the pulping rate.

Soak soybeans

The soybean’s water content will also affect tofu quality. Therefore, the time of soybean soaking, water temperature, and water consumption must have accurate data. And the soaking time of soybeans varies with the temperature of the soaking water. Generally, the immersion time is long in winter and short in summer.


Pour the soaked soybeans into a grinder machine for grinding. While grinding, the water filling valve beside the refiner should be opened. Pay attention to the concentration of soy milk while grinding. You can adjust the soya milk concentration by adjusting the grinding gap. The grinder of the tofu-making machine can automatically separate the soybean milk and the bean dregs.

Automatic tofu production line
Automatic Tofu Production Line


The tofu forming machine’s boiler can directly contain the soybean milk produced by the grinder, reducing unnecessary steps. The barrel for cooking the pulp should be clean and free of salt, alkali, and other substances. Moreover, pay attention to eliminating soy milk bubbles when boiling. Generally, it needs about 30 minutes to boil the soy milk.

Add coagulant

This is the most important factor affecting the quality of tofu. Different coagulants will cause different colors and qualities. Commonly used tofu coagulants are the bittern, gypsum powder, and glucono-δ-lactone. When adding coagulant, you need to stir the soy milk while slowly pouring in the coagulant. After adding the coagulant, let it stand for 5-10 minutes, soy milk will automatically coagulate into bean curd.  In this step, it is very important for adding the ratio of soy milk and coagulant. This is also the secret of tofu smoothness.

Tofu forming

After adding coagulant, the soy milk transforms into tofu. The final step is to use a forming device to press the soya milk into a whole piece of tofu. The tofu making machine’s forming device has two compression forming methods, pneumatic and manual.

Large tofu processing plant advantages

  1. After continuous research and development and innovation, the tofu machine can realize the steps of automatic grinding, cooking, and pressing. It speeds up the production efficiency of making tofu and improves the production quality of tofu.
  2. The automatic tofu maker machine has small, medium, and automatic production lines and other models with different outputs. It can fully meet the needs of large, medium, and small tofu-making factories.
  3. The Automatic tofu-making machine adopts all 304 stainless steel, which meets the hygiene standards of food machinery. And the inside of the machine is clean, smooth, and easy to clean, and the environment is clean and sanitary.
  4. It adopts high temperature and non-contact PLC electronic heating technology to effectively prevent the destruction of protein and avoid the burnt smell of soy milk.
  5. It uses a fully automatic control system, the processing process is fully automated.
  6. The machine can control the tofu production capacity and reduce inventory backlog.

Tofu making machine operation

Before starting up, you need to check the power socket and machine power. Make sure that the connection is correct before turning on the phone to avoid electric shock.

Tofu making machines exported to japan
Tofu Making Machines Exported To Japan

Before use, you need to add a certain amount of water to the water tank. And let the water level reach the set height to avoid burning the electric heating tube. After boiling the milk, release the soy milk completely before stopping the air supply to avoid blocking the air supply port. When boiling, it will generate high-temperature gas, the operator should not approach it to avoid scalding. After using the machine each time, clean the tofu-making machine grinder and boiler in time to avoid residues and ensure that the tofu machine has no peculiar smell.

Automatic tofu maker clean and maintain

The whole tofu maker machine adopts food-grade stainless steel, it is convenient for cleaning and maintenance. The whole tofu machine is divided into four parts: a grinding part, a cooking machine, a pulping bucket, and a forming machine. Use clean water to clean each part. You can use a rag to clean the body part to avoid contamination with dust.


What is the heating method for the commercial tofu making machine?

It has electric and gas heating method, the customer can choose their convenient method.

What is the tofu maker machine capacity?

We have small, medium, and tofu production lines, the capacity range from 30kg-200kg/h.

What is the input-output ratio of making tofu?

You can get 5kg of tofu by input 1kg soybean.

What is the power of the machine forming part ?

It has two molds, one is the manual type, another is pneumatic.

Can you supply us the tofu making recipe?

After we deal, we can supply you with the recipe.

How do we operate the machine?

We have manuals and machine operation video to show you how to operate the machine.




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