What is the best juicing machine to buy?

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Many people like to drink fruit juice, do you know how to get juice in the industrial field? The answer is juicing machine. There are many different types of juicing machine on the market. What is the best juicing machine to buy? I will introduce you screw juicing machine for you now.

What is screw juicing machine?

Screw juicer is developed by absorbing international advanced technology. It is divided into single screw juicer and double screw juicer. This machine is widely used to squeeze fruit and vegetable juices such as watermelon, grapes, strawberries, pears, apples, lemons, oranges, oranges, tomatoes, papaya radishes, ginger and so on.

It is also suitable for a variety of fresh fruit and vegetable pulping and separation. Grapes, kiwis, mulberries, bayberry, peaches, etc. can be squeezed into jam juice to separate the core, seed, and thin skin. All in all, it is an ideal machine for making jam, fruit juice and vegetable juice, and is an important equipment for food processing enterprises.

What is the advantage of it?

1.Advanced design and compact structure.
2. This juicing machine is composed of a crushing and juicing part. It can automatically complete the processes of crushing, juice extraction and slag discharge, so it bears high working efficiency.
3. it adopts conical screw, which has large capacity and high juicing yield.
4. it is energy saving, low noise and no pollution.
5.All parts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel

What ‘s the principle of screw juicing machine?

The broken pulp and juice enter the screw juicing machine through the feeding hopper. The screw diameter gradually increases along the outlet of the slag. When the raw material is propelled by the screw, the volume of the screw is reduced and it begins to squeeze the fruits or vegetables.

The raw materials are added to the feeding hopper and are pressed under the spiral advancement. The squeezed juice flows into the bottom of the juice container through the filter. Finally, the waste residue is discharged through the annular gap formed between the spiral and the pressure-regulated cone.
All in all, if you want to buy a commercial juicing machine, i strongly recommend you to buy a screw juicer. With high juicing rate and high capacity, it is well welcomed by people. Most important, it has wide application, and can be used for different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

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