Industrial animal bone crusher machine for sale

Industrial animal bone crusher machine
industrial animal bone crusher machine
The bone crusher machine can break hard animal bones, such as pork bones,beef bones, fish bones,chicken bones,cow bones,etc.
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The animal bone crusher machine is a machine specially developed for crushing hard bones. This machine widely applies for crushing various hard bones such as pig bones, beef bones, fish bones, chicken bones and so on.It can break hard bones into fine granular materials, so this animal bone crushing machine is also called bone powder machine.The industrial animal bone crusher machine has a wide range of applications.The processed materials can well preserve the various nutrients of the food. It is an ideal bone crushing product for the bone crushing industry and the pet food manufacturing industry.

Automatic animal bone crusher machine application

The automatic animal bone crusher is widely used to crush all kinds of hard bones. Such as pig bones, beef bones, chicken bones, sheep bones, duck bones, rabbit bones, etc. It can also crush traditional Chinese medicine, spices and other products. The broken bones can be used to produce soup, hot pot base, feed, pet food, etc.

Automatic animal bone crusher machine application
Automatic Animal Bone Crusher Machine Application

Bone crusher machine working principle

The animal bone crusher equipment mainly uses the blade of the crushing chamber to continuously cut and crush the bones. The blade of the bone crushing machine is designed with a carbon steel wheel knife, which can ensure good breaking of bones of different hardness. In addition, the professional knife set breaks the bones evenly, not easy to damage the body, and has good durability and impact resistance. The commercial animal bone crusher machine has simple operation. The user opens machine and the raw material that is needed to be pulverized is placed into the crushing chamber from the feeding bin, and it rapidly pulverizes the material into the discharging port.

Animal bone crusher machine for sale
Animal Bone Crusher Machine For Sale

Commercial crusher machine function

  1. The machine usually can be used to break the pig bones and sheep bones. As long as you put the bones that meet the size of feeding hole into the switch, you can get what you want.
  2. This commercial bone crusher machine offers you different models and styles
  3. The shell material is made of high quality stainless steel and aluminum-magnesium alloy. The price of the bone-breaking machine is reasonable, and It is widely used in restaurants, saving a lot of manpower and material resources.
Commercial bone crushing machine
Commercial Bone Crushing Machine

Bone powder making machine features

  1. The bone powder making machine can process different sizes of particles according to different materials,
  2. It has no pollution to processed materials and meets food national standards. The bone crusher is specially heat treated with excellent wear resistance and long service life.
  3. The knife is distracted on average,which improves the shear force and resistance of single blade
  4. The bone crusher machine motor is equipped with a protection device to ensure safe use.
  5. The machine has simple operation, convenient cleaning and maintenance
  6. It has stable work, large output and low temperature rise, and the size of particle can be adjustable
Bone powder making machine details
Bone Powder Making Machine Details

Animal bone crushing machine parameters

ModelCapacity(kg/h)Feeding szie(mm)Power(kw)Weight(kg)Size(mm)


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