Bone grinder machine sold to restaurant chains in Malaysia

Bone grinder machine for sale
bone grinder machine for sale
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Commercial bone grinder machine can quickly crush all kinds of animal bones. The crushed bone residue can be used to process pet feed and make various food accessories. Recently, a Malaysian customer ordered a high-volume bone grinder from our factory for processing bone broth packets. The customer stated that he ordered a bone grinder machine first as a test. If the machine works as he wants, he will repurchase multiple bone crushers for his restaurant chain.

Big bone grinder machine for shipping to malaysia
big bone grinder machine for shipping to Malaysia

Why bought bone grinder machine for Malaysia?

The Malaysian client has several local restaurant chains. Recently, they plan to process bone broth packs for sale. In order to smash various animal bones into pieces, they need to buy a commercial bone grinder.

The Malaysian customer said that the raw bones they use are basically fresh and clean pork bones, chicken bones, beef bones, etc. In order to ensure the flavor of the bone broth package, they cannot use bones with severe oxidation and deterioration on the surface.

Then, after cleaning the qualified bones, they use a bone crusher to process the bones into small pieces of about 10cm. Then the treated bones are transferred into the extraction tank in time for extraction process production.

Bone crushers in taizy factory
bone crushers in Taizy factory

Can the crushing fineness of the bone crusher be adjusted?

Stainless steel bone crushers are mostly used for crushing beef bones, lamb bones and pork bones. When processing meat and bone raw materials, if we encounter hard bones, such as beef thigh bones and pork ribs, which are difficult to be manually chopped, it is difficult for us to achieve a fine crushing effect.

Then you can use a stainless steel bone breaker. From the material to the crushing effect, the machine can fulfill the expectations very well. The crushing principle of the bone crusher is to use the front blade set in the crushing chamber to increase the cutting angle of the blade, improve the cutting efficiency, and crush the particles uniformly. The discharge fineness can be adjusted in the range of 0.5-50mm as required.

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