Commercial beef bone crusher machine sold to Kenya

Beef crusher machine exported to kenya
beef crusher machine exported to Kenya
A commercial bone crusher machine is sold to Kenya. This bone breaking machine can be used to break hard animal bones.
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At the beginning of August, we received an order for a bone crusher machine from a Kenyan customer. The Kenyan customer used the bone crusher to crush beef bones. Then he uses the broken bones to process pet feed. The following are the order details of the Kenyan beef bone crusher machine.

The beef bone crusher machine shipped to Kenya

After receiving the customer’s deposit, we immediately make and prepare the machine for the customer. Within 10 days, we finished the customer’s machine. Before transportation, we installed and adjusted the voltage, and tested the use of the machine for customers with beef bones. And we sent the test running video of the beef bone crusher to the Kenyan customer. Customers are very satisfied with our test results. Then, we packed the bone-breaking machine in wooden boxes and sent the machine to the shipping company.

Kenya bone crusher order details

The Kenyan client is named Matt, and he runs a small slaughterhouse. Because the bones after slaughter could not be placed, he came up with the idea of processing the bones. Therefore, he is going to buy a bone crusher to crush these bones. Then sold broken bones after processing. Therefore, the Kenyan customer bought this versatile beef bone crushing machine. This bovine bone-breaking machine is suitable for breaking many hard bones. Therefore, he can use the machine to process the animal bones leftover from his slaughter.

Application of bone crushing machine

The bone-crushing machine has a wide range of applications. It can be used to break many hard substances. The machine can be used to process hard animal bones into fine particles. Such as beef bones, sheep bones, duck bones, chicken bones, fish bones, etc. The processed bones can be used to make seasonings, animal feed, sausages, bone broth raw materials, quick-frozen foods, and other products. Therefore, the Kenya bone crusher machine is also widely welcomed by food production factories, seasoning factories, animal feed factories, slaughter factories, etc.

Bone crushing machine crushing effect
Crushing Effect

How does the beef bone crusher crush beef bones?

The beef bones are very hard, and ordinary crushers cannot crush them. The crushing part of the cattle bone crusher uses multiple crushing blade groups to crush animal bones. After the bone enters the crushing chamber, multiple blades on the knife set cut the bone. The fineness of the cut is determined by the sieve holes on the screen. The flesh powder that cannot reach the fineness is crushed again in the crushing chamber until it reaches the fineness of the discharged material. Therefore, the output fineness of the machine can be determined by changing screens of different sizes.

Crushed animal bone application
Crushed Animal Bone Application

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