Complete cherry tomato washing machines exported to Bahrain

Cherry tomato washing machines for shipping
cherry tomato washing machines for shipping
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Taizy recently completed the export of a full set of cherry tomato washing machines to Bahrain, which include the cleaning, grading, and packaging equipment. The client, who purchased the equipment on behalf of their boss, was pleased to earn a commission from the transaction. During the communication with the customer, we quickly determined the customer’s needs and formulated a suitable plan for the customer to choose from. Subsequent shipments were made on time.

Complete vegetable washing plant design
complete vegetable washing plant design

Why choose to buy the cherry tomato washing machines for Bahrain?

The client’s boss operates a large-scale farm and needed a complete set of fruit and vegetable processing equipment for cleaning and packaging cherry tomatoes and dates. In addition to the tomato cleaning, grading, and packaging machine, the client also purchased a fruit and vegetable drying box and a fruit and vegetable grading machine.

Requirements of the cherry tomato washing plant

The client’s main requirement was to use the fruit and vegetable grading machine to quickly sort cherry tomatoes and dates by weight and size, and then clean, dry, and package them. The processed fruits and vegetables would then be sold to local supermarkets.

Our company provided a complete set of processing solutions, and the client was very satisfied with the functionality of the equipment and the processing plant. Furthermore, the commission earned from the order met the client’s needs.

Advantages of Taizy’s vegetable washing machines

The fruit and vegetable grading machine we provided uses advanced technology and can quickly and accurately sort fruits and vegetables of different sizes and weights, ensuring that the sorting and grading process is both efficient and accurate.

The cherry tomato washing machine also uses advanced technology, and can effectively remove dirt and impurities from the tomatoes without damaging them. Additionally, our fruit and vegetable drying box uses a unique drying technology to ensure that the fruits and vegetables are dried quickly and evenly while maintaining their natural color, taste, and nutrients.

Parameters of cherry tomato washing machine for Bahrain

Feeder conveyor Conveying width: 500mm
Equipment power: transmission 0.37KW
With wheels and feet, 304 material
Air bubble washing machine Voltage: 220/380V
Power: 3.75kw
Material: 304 stainless steel with ozone part
Hair roller remover Model: TZ-2000
Voltage: 220/380V
Material: 304 stainless steel
Air drying machine Model: TZ-5000
Voltage: 220/380V
Material: 304 stainless steel
Sorting machineModel: TZ-09
Single machine weight: 150KG
Dimensions: 2. 1*0 .6*0.8m
Working voltage: 220V 50hz
Power: 1.5KW
Drying machine Model: TZ-24
Dimensions: 1.4*1.1*2.1m
Working voltage: 220V 50hz
Trays number:24
Including extra 24trays and one trolley 
Hot sealing and nitrogen vacuum packing machine Model: TZ-400
Maximum width of roll film (mm): 390
Maximum diameter of roll film (mm): 220
Packing speed times/min: 3 or 4
Power 380/50HZTotal power 3.9
Equipment weight (kg) 285
Packaging gross weight (kg) 420
Equipment size (mm) 1200*1070*1480
Outer box size (mm) 1250*1150*1640
Vacuum pump displacement m3/h 100
The maximum size of the tray is 2 330*230
The maximum size of the tray is 4 230*150

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