How does the vegetable washing machine work?

Vegetable washing machine
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Bubble vegetable washing machine is also known as fruit washing machine and bubble washing machine, the machine is mainly made of quality stainless steel. Bubble vegetable washing machine with its durable use, it can process materials without being damaged. High cleaning, labor saving, water saving, equipment stability, reliability and other effects are also achieved.

The cleaning degree of the objective vegetable is much higher than that of the traditional artificial. Bubble cleaning machine adopts high pressure water spray and bubble generation device to impact on the surface of the object to reach clean effect. The energy generated by bubble rush into the vegetable will wash and scrub the dirt and residue sticking on the surface of the vegetable.

The principle of bubble vegetable washing machine is mainly carried out by adding a certain amount of water into washing tank. By the time the heating tube heat the water, the raw material will collapse with bubble and water, then the rotating movement are created under the interaction. By the mesh belt conveyor, raw materials are moving forward slowly. Bubble fruit washing machine is mainly used for vegetables, fruit cleaning, and can be used to clean jujube, radish, apple,  potato for cleaning.

Vegetable Washing Machin features

1.Vegetable washing machine Bubble cleaning machine can save water, save electricity, and save time and effort, and it is clean and healthy.
2.Vegetable washing machine will damage vegetable. The washing machine is characterized by high efficiency, small area occupation, safe and reliable.
3.Vegetable washing machine is also very simple to install, simple operation, an low in maintenance.

Vegetable washing machine Bubble cleaning machine adopts the bubble shock wave principle to wash off the dirt and pesticide remains from the surface of vegetables and fruits. Work efficiency I is improved; the vegetable washing machine is with a separator screen mounted, the cleaned material are effectively separated from the residue. The turbidity of water are decreased, greatly improve the utilization rate of cleaning water, which can save water and manpower.

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