Small scale vegetable washing machine exported to Brazil

Small scale vegetable washing machine for brazil
vegetable washing machine for Brazil
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The commercial vegetable washing machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which is strong and durable. The machine can ensure that the cleaning material is not damaged. The small-scale vegetable washing machine has the advantages of high washing rate, labor saving, water saving, stable equipment performance and automatic continuous cleaning. The cleaning rate of the objects to be cleaned is more than three times higher than that of manual conventional cleaning. Recently, Taizy factory again exported a small scale vegetable washing machine to Brazil for washing various leafy vegetables.

Why bought small scale vegetale washing machine for Brazil?

Automatic fruit and vegetable cleaning equipment is a must for many farms, plantations, supermarkets, food processing plants, etc. It can be used for continuous cleaning of various fruits and vegetables. The Brazilian customer also purchased this small-scale vegetable washing machine to improve the efficiency of fruit and vegetable washing.

The Brazilian client has a medium-sized vegetable plantation, mainly growing vegetables such as lettuce, carrots, radishes, celery, potatoes, tomatoes, etc. In order to increase the added value of vegetables, the customer decided to supply packaged vegetables to supermarkets.

The Brazilian customer intends to use the vegetable washing machine to wash and dry the vegetables with puree, such as potatoes and carrots, and then pack them and sell them to the supermarket. According to the customer’s needs, our factory provided him with a suitable small scale vegetable washing machine, and provided him with detailed machine usage instructions and maintenance methods.

Taizy vegetable washing machine factory
taizy vegetable washing machine factory

Why the cleaning rate of vegetable washing machine can reach 85%?

The vegetable washing machine mainly uses the principle of bubble shock wave to clean all kinds of fruits and vegetables quickly and continuously. The principle of bubble shock wave can wash the surface of vegetables and fruits, and improve the work efficiency by more than 50%.

Moreover, it can effectively kill harmful bacteria and decompose the residual pesticides on vegetables. The small scale vegetable washing machine is equipped with a chopping board, which can effectively isolate the washing material from the washed sediment, reduce the turbidity of the water, greatly improve the recycling rate of the washing water, and save 80% of the washing water.

Small scale vegetable washing machine price

Fruit and vegetable cleaning equipment is available in different models and styles. Moreover, the functions and scope of application of vegetable cleaning equipment with different configurations are also different, so their prices are also different. If you are interested in fruit and vegetable washing machine, welcome to consult our factory. We will provide you with suitable quotation and high quality vegetable washing machine according to your processing needs.

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