Ethiopian automatic Injera making machine

Ethiopian automatic injera making machine
Ethiopian automatic Injera making machine
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The Injera making machine is an automatic machine. It is the same machine as the spring roll wrapper maker machine. It can produce Injera in large quantities. The wrappers produced by this machine have the characteristics of regular shape and uniform thickness. An automatic Injera maker machine can make a square and round Injera. And its size can be customized according to customer needs. This machine can realize automatic grouting, baking, forming, cutting, and other processes. The use of this machine greatly reduces labor costs and expands production output

About Injera

Injera is a flour-fermented flatbread, which is bread with a sponge-like texture. Injera is particularly popular in Ethiopia, Eritrea, and other East African regions. Especially in the two regions of Ethiopia and Eritrea, almost every family eats injera.

Injera making process
Injera Making Process

Injera making process

Traditional Injera is made of teff and water. Due to the color, smell, and taste of teff, it is the grain of choice for making injera. If teff is not available, other fermented grains can be used instead.

  1. The traditional Injera production method

Its production method is to mix flour and water and then ferment. Pour the mixture on a large round baking tray and bake. The traditional Injera bakeware is a clay plate placed on an electric stove. However, the clay is inefficient and consumes a lot of firewood. And it will generate a lot of smoke and dust to cause household pollution. Therefore, modern automatic Injera making machine gradually replaces traditional Injera bakeware.

  1. Modern commercial Injera machine production

Modern Injera making machines can automatically grout, baking, form, and cool. Its working principle is that the machine automatically adsorbs the batter to the baking pan. Then the baking pan heats the batter to form and mature. After the baking pan turns around, the shovel on the machine automatically shoveled down Injera and cooled on the conveyor belt. And the heating method of this machine is various. There are electric heating, resistance wire heating, electromagnetic heating, gas heating, and other heating methods.

Modern injera maker machine
Modern Injera Maker Machine

Advantages of automatic Injera making machine

  1. The thickness and size of the wrappers made by this machine are consistent, suitable for commercial production of Injera;
  2. We can customize round and square molds according to customer needs;
  3. The machine can equip with folding counting and filling equipment according to customer requirements to form an automatic Injera making machine;
  4. The injera making machine has a variety of models, which can make 10-60cm Injera;
  5. A variety of heating methods can meet the needs of different customers;
  6. The injera maker can adjust the thickness of the final product by adjusting the amount of grouting and the viscosity of the slurry.

Automatic Injera machine exported to Ethiopia

The Ethiopian customer previously used the traditional manual method of making Injera. Now, he wants a machine to automatically produce it. And the size of the Injera is 15cm*15cm, and the shape is square. According to his requirements, our smallest machine that can make a square is 5029model, it can make 2pcs per row. Considering the output, he finally chose a model that can produce 3 pcs per row, which can reach 2000-3000pcs/h.

If you want to make Injera automatically, please contact us. And, please tell us the size and shape of the wrappers you want to make, and we will recommend a suitable model machine for you.

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