Lumpia wrapper making machine running in Philippines

Lunpia wrapper making machine in philippines
Lunpia wrapper making machine in Philippines
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Lumpia is the most popular snack in Indonesia and the Philippines. Lumpia wrapper making machine also called spring roll making machine, is specially used to make Lumpia /spring roll wrappers commercially. This machine has a high degree of automation and high output,  it widely applied in shops and food production plants. Currently, the machine is already in operation in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Lumpia wrapper making machine working principle

The spring roll making machine consists of a frame, pneumatic components, electrical components, heating components, and forming abrasives. The machine produces the Lumpia wrappers as the following steps.

Lumpia wrappers making machine
Lumpia Wrappers Making Machine

First, put the prepared flour paste into the pulp bucket. When the baking wheel’s temperature reaches up to 160°, turn on the slurry pump to send the dough to the nozzle. The nozzle automatically sprays the dough onto the mold barrel for forming. The roasting wheel rotates around a circular axis. When the roasting wheel rotates through an angle of 270-300, the batter is ripened and automatically leaves the mold cylinder. Then the conveyor belt as cooling equipment to cool Lumpia wrappers, it can be sold after packaged.

Why Lumpia wrapper maker machine is so popular?

  1. The spring roll making machine is widely used

In recent years, the spring roll machine industry has developed rapidly. It has a wide application in restaurants, the food industry, the hotel industry, etc. Moreover, in different regions, spring rolls are a very popular product, almost a must-eat product every day. Therefore, spring roll wrappers have become a hot-selling product.

  1. The Lumpia wrapper machine produces Lumpia wrappers in large quantities to meet commercial demand

The machine is suitable for producing 10-60cm spring roll wrappers, and it can produce round or square shapes. Moreover, the output of this machine can reach 800-6000pcs/h, which is suitable for individuals, shops, and food factories to produce Lumpia wrappers. The machine is suitable for a variety of heating methods, such as electric heating, resistance wire heating, electromagnetic heating, and gas heating. It can meet the production needs of different customers.

Spring roll wrapper machine
Spring Roll Wrapper Machine
  1. The spring roll wrappers made by the machine has a good shape

When buying spring roll wrappers, people usually like to buy products that have a good shape. The spring rolls made by commercial machines are of uniform thickness, smooth, and round.

  1. The automatic Lumpia wrapper maker machine is easy to operate with low investment

The operation of the spring roll making machine is very simple. Only need one person to operate the machine, no need for manpower to knead into dough. And the machine is small in size, it occupies a small area and does not need cleaning.

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