Fully automatic frying machine

Automatic discharge deep batch fryer
automatic discharge deep batch fryer
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Fully automatic frying machine Introduction Introduction:

The fully automatic frying machine is of standard SUS304 stainless steel construction. The full automatic series of fryers are equipped with an automatic feeding system, automatic mixing system, and automatic discharging system. The electrical control cabinet is made of 304 stainless steel, with ideal waterproof and good heat dissipation. According to different frying processes the fryer can be customized into versions including pure oil frying, oil-water mixture frying, and pure oil fryer with a filtration facility.

Characteristics of electric heating fryer:

1. Choose oil-water separation structured or pure oil with filtration structured fryers according to the different production requirements.

2. Oil-water separation structure saves oil and is conducive to environmental protection. This oil-water separation method solves the problem of oil evaporation caused by overheating of traditional frying machines. Oil-water mixing technology, due to the water under the oil layer continuously can produce a small amount of steam penetrating into the oil layer to replenish moisture content for oil, so as to prevent the oil from volatilization.

The central heating process can control the temperature according to the production requirement, rebate the peroxidation of frying oil effectively, and reduce the generation of acid value, thus prolonging the service cycle of the frying oil, and reduce waste, and saving more than 50% of frying oil than the traditional frying machine. From this we can see, the water-oil integrated structure can save the cost of oil and reduce the waste of water.

3. Take electricity as power supply, the fully automatic fryer can reach the effect of automatic discharge, automatic temperature control, and optional automatic stirring to fry products with uniform quality, bright color, avoiding the adhesion phenomenon; with filter equipped, service life and oil changing period of frying oil is extended.

4. According to different products, the use of full oil or oil-water mixing technology is adopted, so that the Fried product is of clean and beautiful appearance, and with bright color, naturally fragrant, good taste, improved quality, it is safe and healthy and is conducive to human health.

5. The fully automatic frying machine suitable for medium and small food processing industries can fry French fries, meat, fish, nuts, pasta, etc.

6. According to the different production requirements, automatic mixing, and automatic feeding methods can be adopted.

7. The new type of frying machine is also equipped with an oil temperature control device, and overheating alarm device, so that the operation is more convenient and safe, and improves working efficiency. After being popularized and used in food processing plants, professional fried chicken shops, and all kinds of large dining halls, hotels, and restaurants are potential cooperators as well. The water-oil mixing frying machine has won extensive praise from users at home and aboard with its reasonable design, stable performance, and reliable technology.

The advantage of electric heating frying pot:

1. The main body of the equipment is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, and the service life of the equipment is double compared with an average service life of ordinary frying equipment in the current market.

2. The automatic pure oil frying machine with a filter adopts the method of oil filtration, by which, filtering can be carried out in the process of frying and at the same time the residue can be filtered out. An automatic oil filling system ensures uninterrupted production, and with the temperature control system equipped in filling the tank, the oil temperature can be adjusted according to production requirements.

How to control the temperature of the fryer?

  1. Thermostat: The different gear positions can be adjusted to control the temperature of the fryer oil, and the circuit can be controlled to be turned on and off. The on/off of the thermostat is controlled by the principle of thermal expansion and contraction of the micro-metal sheet.
  2. Fryer temperature limiter: The temperature limiter cannot adjust the temperature of the fryer. It can limit the maximum temperature limit of the fryer in the circuit. When it feels that the temperature reaches the temperature limit of the temperature limiter itself, it will automatically cut off the limit temperature rise. When the temperature drops below its limit, it can be automatically connected to allow the circuit to continue to work. After you are skilled in using them, you can grasp the temperature very well.
  3. Fryer fuse: It can limit the temperature of the fryer. The fuse will burn out to protect the user’s life and property safety when it feels its temperature limit. The blown fuse can no longer be used.