Commercial hard ice cream machine for sale

Hard ice cream machine for sale
hard ice cream machine for sale
Commercial hard ice cream machine is also called a Gelato making machine. it contains a variety of models, mainly vertical and desktop machines.
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The commercial hard ice cream machine is an automatic device for making hard ice cream. It is mainly divided into tabletop hard ice cream machine and vertical hard ice cream machine. This gelato making machine is suitable for cafes, milk tea shops, restaurants, cake shops, etc. Ice cream is food that people all over the world like very much. So the sales market is very good. The machine is produced by Taizy trading company with high quality, long service life, and a beautiful appearance.

Operating steps on the restaurant hard ice cream machine

  1. Mix ice cream powder with water in a certain ratio, then pour it into the container. Do not exceed the tick mark when pouring the raw material. Press the setting button for three seconds.
  2. When the time value flashes, click the setting button again(Cooling time can be set). The time setting range is 10-35 minutes, which can be set according to the actual situation. Recommended time setting is 25-30 minutes.
  3. No key is operated after setting. Exit and save the set value after flashing for 5 seconds. Different ice cream slurry has different molding time. You need to set the appropriate time according to the actual situation. Press the Auto button, click the start button. The number display will show the countdown. The compressor starts automatically after one minute.
  4. When the end word is displayed on the display, the machine stops running. When the buzzer sounds, indicating that the hard ice cream is completed. Place the receiving box, loosen the locking nut, and remove the discharge cover. Press the cleaning button, the mixer gradually pushes the prepared hard ice cream to the container. Put the hard ice cream in the freezer. Then reinstall the discharge cover and add material to make hard ice cream continuously.
  5. The hard ice cream machine has the characteristics of low investment and saves labor costs. One person can operate this machine. It is also a commercial hard ice cream machine.

Advantages of the hard ice cream maker

  1. The machine is made of food-grade stainless steel, which is durable and clean.
  2. Brand compressor with higher efficiency, longer life, and more stable performance.
  3. Feed inlet with PVC material which has the characteristics of high wear resistance and pressure resistance.
  4. The LCD system, automatic cleaning, adjustable cooling time, more intuitive.
  5. Vents to ensure ventilation around the condenser for increased efficiency.
  6. A slurry sealing system with a more stable performance.
  7. Copper tube condenser.

Customer using case of the hard serve ice cream making machine

There is a customer from the Netherlands who runs a coffee shop and wants to make hard ice cream in his shop. After we sent the video to the customer, he confirms that the hard ice cream machine is what he needs. Then we confirm the voltage, model, etc., We send the operation video to him. He has been using this machine to make hard ice cream now. He is producing hard ice cream of different flavors every day, and it quickly sells out, which is highly praised by local people.

Technical parameters of the Gelato making machine

Model Machine size Refrigerant Charge Output NW
TZ-H12 570*420*615mm 1.36KW 12L/H 70KG
TZ-H18 518*740*1380mm 1.8KW 18L/H 135KG
TZ-H28 518*740*1380mm 2.2KW 28L/H 145KG
TZ-H40 518*740*1480mm 2.8KW 40L/H 145KG


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