Commercial ice cream popsicle making machine for business

Commercial ice popsicle machine
commercial ice popsicle machine
Commercial ice popsicle machine applies for making popsicles, it is simple to operate, with low production cost and large production output.
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The commercial ice popsicle machine can make various flavors popsicles. Popsicles made by popsicle maker are thirst-quenching food that people all over the world like. According to different raw material and formulas, you can make a variety of delicious popsicles. Especially in the summer, people have more demand for popsicles, which is the hot selling season for popsicles. This ice cream popsicle making machine is easy to operate, low cost and fast recycling, which is the first choice for entrepreneurs. You can choose different capacities according to individual need.

Operating procedure of the ice popsicle machine

1. Carefully open the machine packaging, avoid violent vibration, beware of damage to the machine casing and internal parts.

2. Please check the power supply voltage. The power supply voltage should be within 10% of the rated voltage. If it is out of range, the machine will not work properly.

3. Air-cooled unit popsicle maker machine:In the process, the popsicle maker is necessary to maintain indoor air circulation, and keep the indoor temperature not exceeding 28℃, otherwise, the working pressure of the machine is too large to be produced normally. Start the compressor and saltwater tank agitator.(The correct steering of the mixer is clockwise).

Ice popsicles made by ice popsicle maker
Ice Popsicles Made By Ice Popsicle Maker

4. Water cooled unit ice popsicle machine: When testing the machine, it should be connected to cooling water. The connection method of the cooling water of the condenser: the water is sent from the bottom and goes out from the above. When starting the machine, first turn on the cooling water of the condenser. The lower the temperature of the cooling water, the better, the water temperature should not exceed +28℃. Then start the compressor and salt basin mixer.

5. The salt water (calcium chloride) concentration in the salt water pool (normal temperature) is about 28%-30%. Determinate salt water concentration frequently. Strictly pay attention to the salt water concentration should not be too light or too thick. (The brined material should be prepared before entering the pool, and it should be cooled and filtered before it enters the pool).

6. Before making popsicles and ice cream, the salt water temperature must drop below -16℃ first,then put the mold to make popsicles.

7. After 10-15minutes, take out the mold. The popsicles are finished.

Ice cream popsicle making machine
Ice Cream Popsicle Making Machine

Features of the commercial ice popsicle maker machine

  1. Brand high-efficiency compressor: fast cooling, low energy consumption.
  2. The popsicle maker machine is made of stainless steel which meets the food industry standard.
  3. Digital temperature display: which can adjust the temperature inside the box.
  4. Thick insulation layer which can save a lot of energy.
  5. Universal wheel design: Easy to move.
Industrial ice popsicle machine for business
Industrial Ice Popsicle Machine For Business

Technical parameters of the ice popsicle making machine

ModelSizeWeightPowerCapacityCondensation modeRefrigerant
TZ-40600*400*960mm58kg1kw3000pcs/dayAir cooledR22/R410

The ice cream popsicle packaging machine is an automatic pillow packaging machine. It has a very wide range of applications and can meet the packaging needs of food, medicine, hardware, stationery, and other products. The popsicle ice cream packaging machine can realize automatic transmission, packaging, sealing, and other processes. And it can adjust the parameters on the control panel to realize the packaging of popsicles of different sizes.

Automatic ice cream lolly packing machine
Automatic Ice Cream Lolly Packing Machine

Characteristics of popsicle wrapping machine:

  • Packaging is in place and can be sealed in one step with high efficiency.
  • It has the function of positioning and stopping. In the final sealing and cutting process, the packaging position is accurately detected and sealed and cut.
  • It only needs manual loading in the packaging process to reduce personnel intervention.
  • The machine can be used for unmarked packaging materials or packaging materials with trademark patterns.
  • It widely applies in the packaging of biscuits, potato chips, soap, fruits and vegetables, toys, etc.
  • It has a flexible adjustable system, and the range of packaging parameters can be adjusted automatically on the control panel.

Ice lolly packing equipment working video

USA ice cream popsicle machine and packaging machines case

Last November, Ronald Caitlyn from the United States found our website and asked for the details of the popsicle-making machine. After communicating with the customer, we learned that he has a small popsicle factory. Due to the aging of the equipment, it is necessary to replace a new popsicle manufacturing machine and seek a popsicle packaging machine with a high degree of automation. After comparison with several manufacturers, the American customer finally chose to buy a popsicle machine and a popsicle packaging machine in Taizy machinery.

Popsicle making machine Size:600*400*960mm
Refrigerant: R22
Capacity:3000pcs/per day 
1 set
 Packing machine  TZ- 250
Voltage:220v 50hz,single phase
Film:Max width 230mm
Packing speed:40~230bag/min
1 set