Horizontal contact plate seafood freezer | shrimp freezer

Shrimp contact plate freezer
shrimp contact plate freezer
The contact plate freezer adopts an all-aluminum integrated freezing plate to freeze food. It is especially suitable for freezing all kinds of seafood such as fish and shrimp.
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Hydraulic horizontal contact plate freezer is also called aluminum plate quick-freezer. The quick-freezing machine mainly adopts an all-aluminum integral freezing plate. It uses a hydraulic system to pull the flat-plate quick-freezing evaporator directly in contact with the food. The machine consists of 13 plates arranged horizontally from top to bottom. Quick-frozen foods are arranged on a flat plate for quick freezing. This horizontal contact plate freezer is widely used in the refrigeration industries such as fishery, aquaculture, and food. It can be used to process fish, shrimp, shellfish, and other aquatic products as well as pasta, meat, and other small-package products. The contact plate freezer has the characteristics of a freezing speed block, high efficiency, and small floor space. The shrimp freezer is the ideal special equipment for processing frozen fish fillets, Yumi, and other products.

Why use aluminum contact plate freezer?

The aluminum contact plate freezer uses an all-aluminum integral freezing plate, which replaces the traditional steel pipe-freezing shelf. The aluminum plate has a large heat transfer area, supplemented by forced air cooling by a fan, with high heat transfer efficiency, short freezing time, and fast speed. Therefore, the aluminum horizontal plate quick-freezer has the characteristics of high freezing efficiency, energy saving, no rust, and long life. Moreover, the size of the aluminum plate can also be customized according to the size of the customer’s existing freezing room.

Contact plate seafood freezer aluminum plates
Contact Plate Seafood Freezer Aluminum Plates

Contact plate freezing equipment composition

The contact plate freezer mainly composes of refrigeration system, control system, hydraulic system, frame and insulation body.

  • The refrigeration system is to provides cold air for the quick freezing area in the entire plate. The refrigeration system adopts a hydraulic aluminum alloy plate quick-freezing evaporator. The cold air released by the evaporator directly contacts the air, so its heat exchange efficiency is very high and the freezing time is short.
  • The horizontal contact plate freezer adopts a hydraulic lifting system to ensure the stable operation of the lifting system and long service life.
  • Its whole frame adopts all stainless steel shell, seamless butt joint, sanitary and tidy.
  • The insulation body adopts a high-strength frame structure, and the overall polyurethane foam ensures that the library body frame does not deform under high pressure. Therefore, it is especially suitable for freezing surimi, cod, shrimp, and other seafood.

Aluminum plate freezer application scope

The aluminum plate quick-freezing machine is mainly suitable for rapidly freezing various aquatic products and meat products in large quantities. Such as fish, shrimp, prepared foods, meat products, and other products. The freezing quality of the flat-plate quick-freezer is the same as that of the tunnel mesh-belt quick-freezer. The hydraulic plate freezer machine adopts an advanced structural design, with high freezing efficiency and fast freezing speed.

Aluminum plate freezer machine details
Aluminum Plate Freezer Machine Details

Main feature of contact plate freezing machinery

  1. The refrigeration system is built into the compartment below the freezer, which has a small footprint and is an ideal choice for small capacity.
  2. Contact type flat quick-freezers are widely used in the frozen food industry. It is suitable for freezing a variety of seafood and pasta foods.
  3. The digital touch screen control panel makes the operation easier, convenient to operate the machine and set various parameters
  4. The contact plate freezer machine adopts a hydraulic flat-plate special heat exchange plate, which has high heat exchange efficiency.
  5. The machine shelf adopts a special aluminum plate, which has a large heat transfer area. The fan on the rack is forced to blow and cool, and the heat exchange efficiency is high.
  6. The flat plate evaporator processed by a special process has high smoothness and good thermal conductivity.
Contact plate freezing machine application
Contact Plate Freezing Machine Application

Shrimp contact plate freezer machine exported to Pakistan

This Pakistani customer operates a small food processing plant. He wants to find a quick-freezing machine to quick-freeze shrimps to expand his business scope. Because the contact plate freezer has a fast freezing time, good effect, and relatively low price. Finally, the customer purchased a flat-plate quick-freezer. After receiving the machine, he only needs to use 1~2 people to operate the machine. Moreover, the machine can minimize the food dry consumption and ensure the freshness of the food to a great extent. The Pakistani customer is very satisfied with the flat blast freezer.

Shrimp contact plate freezer machine export to pakistan
Shrimp Contact Plate Freezer Machine Export To Pakistan

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