How to bake pita bread and make sure it is hollow

Pita bread
pita bread
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Pita bread is a thin cake made from wheat dough after fermentation. It has a pocket-like shape and has a soft taste. It is often eaten with some vegetables and sauces in the middle. The bulging layer is the soul of the Arab cake, and it is also the most important symbol of pita bread. So, how can it be made to ensure that the pita bread is hollow? How to use the automatic pita bread making machine to make bubbles to appear?

How did the pita bread pocket appear?

The pocket of Arabic bread is actually a steam bubble. Under high temperatures, the internal moisture boils and the steam puffs the dough. When the bread cools, the air overflows to form pockets.

Pita bread processing
Pita Bread Processing

How to ensure that the pocket appears?

A good Arabic bread must have a clear pocket, which seems to be a convention. The most important feature of pocket pita bread is that the thickness of pita bread two sides is the same. Therefore, to ensure the appearance of pockets, one of the most important techniques is to ensure that the temperature of the air in the oven is the same as the temperature of the bottom stone. If the temperature of the air and the temperature of the foundation stone are not the same, the hotter side will get a thicker surface layer.

How is the Arabic bread made with an automatic pita bread machine?

The automatic pita bread making machine is a tunnel oven that can ensure that the temperature circulates in the tunnel without flowing out. When the machine runs, the conveyor belt conveys the Arabic bread forward. And there are burners distributed around the conveyor belt to heat the pita bread. This ensures the consistency of heat around the bread. Therefore, using the pita bread maker machine can make pocket Arabic bread.



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