How to make fried chips at home instead of fried chips production line?

Potato chips processing machine
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In the industrial level, they all produce fried chips by special fried chips production line that is composed of several machines.

Potato chips production line
Potato Chips Production Line

How can we make fried chips at home?

Is it easy to do?

The answer is, yes.

Now I will share you some useful tips.

What’re the ingredients?

Potatoes, oil, salt, corn starch, tomato sauce.

What’re the detailed steps?

The first step is to wash the potatoes you bought at home. Wash the dirt off the potato skins before removing the potato skins. Cut the potatoes into slices firstly, then cut into strips. The thickness should be uniform, and it can not be too thin or too thick.

In the second step, rinse the potato chips with water twice because there will be a lot of starch on the surface of them. Then put the potato chips in hot water, add some salt. Heat them until the potato chips are slightly transparent. Then, take the potato chips out, cool them with cold water, and dry them with paper.

Prepare the proper amount of cornstarch and pour it into a bowl full of potato chips. Shake the bowl constantly to coat the potato chips with corn starch. Finally, the bowl with potato chips will be frozen in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.

Thirdly, you need to add more oil to the pot to allow the potato chips to float. When the oil temperature rises to 50-60%, carefully put the potato chips into the pan.

After frying for 5-6 minutes, they will be shaped. At this time, use a colander to scoop out the fried chips and put them in a bowl.

When the oil temperature in the pot rises to 70-80%, put them in the pot and fry them again. After about 1-2 minutes, the chips become golden.

Finally, you can dip in the appropriate tomato sauce according to your preference.

Fried chips production line

What should you note?

During the process, when potato chips are wrapped with starch, they cannot be fried directly in the pan. In this way, the fries easily become soft. So, you need to freeze them in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours before frying.

We have exported  fried chips production line to many countries

Fried chips are favored by people from different countries, with delicious taste and portable features, it is a common food in the fast restaurant. Many food processing industries export fried chips production line from China, and they have gained huge benefits.

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