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Potato chips are very popular among people no matter where you from, and the potato chips production line is composed of many sets of machine including automatic line and semi-automatic line. In addition, the machine is different in accordance with the different capacities and the size of your factory etc. In July, the young customer from Syria needs the whole potato chips processing machine with capacity 100kh/h.

Customer visited our factory

He first told us the dimension of his factory, and he wants a semi-automatic line to produce potato chips. Based on his demand, we design a proper line with a reasonable cost for him including potato washing and peeling machine, potato slicing/cutting machine, blanching machine, de-watering machine, frying machine, de-oiling machine, flavoring machine and vacuum packaging machine.

He visited our factory to test all the machines, and operated each machine by himself, actively asking the question if there are something that he can not make sense.

Potato chips testing site
Potato Chips Testing Site
Finished potato chips
Finished Potato Chips

It is finished the potato chips with bright color and they are all made by this customer. It will taste better if you dip it in tomato sauce.

The customer felt very happy to eat the potato chips he made.

Eating with smile
Eating With Smile

Made the payment quickly towards potato chips production line and hope to build long time cooperation

He paid in full after testing the machine and said that he is grateful for our design because he can use less time to produce more potato chips compared with the traditional ways.

Most importantly, our technician helped him to analyze how many days he can gain the benefit? How to maintain the machine? What should he do if there are any malfunctions?

All in all, he is very satisfied with our service and professional skills, saying that he is glad to cooperate with us.

Finally, we took him to visit some scenic spots and eat local delicious snacks, and we promised him that we would provide 24h online service if he has any questions about how to operate machines.

Please contact us if you want to know more information about this potato chips production line, and we will design a perfect line for you according to your need.