How to make stuffed paratha with the automatic machine?

Stuffed paratha
stuffed paratha
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Stuffed paratha is very popular in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Myanmar. It is made of flatbread wrapped in raw materials such as potatoes, green beans, carrots, etc. Traditionally it is made by hand. With its wide application, it is gradually replaced by a fully automatic paratha making machine.

Traditionally manual made

Stuffed paratha is an important part of breakfast in the Indian subcontinent. It is usually made by repeated folding using ghee. It uses two dough pieces, and then fills some stuffing in the middle. Then wrap the dough sheet with the filling and fold it up. It is flattened by hand and then deep-fried.

Fully automatic paratha making machine to make paratha

The automatic paratha making machine imitates the steps of hand-made paratha to make it. It is made by adding a paratha pressing device to the extrusion of the steamed momo making machine. The main part of this fully automatic paratha making machine consists of a hopper and a noodle hopper. When making stuffed paratha, place the filling and dough in the filling bucket and the dough bucket respectively. Turn on the power switch, the filling and dough will run synchronously.


At the forming part, the dough automatically wraps the filling and forms a round bun shape. The round stuffed pie falls onto the conveyor belt and is transported to the mold by the conveyor belt. Then it will press into a variety of shapes through the mold. The fully automatic paratha machine can ensure the accurate operation of the filling without deviation. And the machine can adjust the feeding speed and conveyor speed by adjusting the parameters on the control panel. Moreover, the mold for pressing the cake can also be customized.

Common paratha fillings

The fully automatic paratha making machine has a hopper and multiple hopper models. Therefore, it can fill with one or more fillings in the dough. For the paratha, it is often filled with potatoes, green beans, carrots, meat, etc. Moreover, it can also fill with bean paste, sugar, and other substances to make desserts.




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