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Stuffed paratha making machine
stuffed paratha making machine
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The stuffed paratha making machine is made on the basis of the steamed bun machine. It adds a cake-pressing device to combine. The optimized design can automatically fill the filling and press into shape. The stuffed paratha encrusting machine can make different products by filling different stuffings and making various molds. The machine has the characteristics of compact structure, simple operation, and a high degree of automation. It is widely used in butcher shops and dessert shops.

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stuffed paratha making machine structure

The stuffed paratha making machine mainly composed of a dough system, a filling system, a forming system, and a paratha pressing system.

Fully automatic paratha encrusting machine
Fully Automatic Paratha Encrusting Machine
  1. The dough system   The raw material used by the paratha making machine is dough, which can be made by the dough mixer. Place the dough in the dough bucket, and the auger in the dough bucket continuously stirs the dough and pushes the dough down. The stuffed paratha encrusting machine uses a single twister to ensure the best kneading effect. It can protect the gluten without hurting the gluten, so that the finished product is even, fine and elastic.
  2. The filling system     Its filling system is used to hold the fillings wrapped in the dough. The stuffed paratha making machine has a single hopper and double hopper model. Therefore, it can fill with one or two fillings at one time. And the hopper of the machine is a vertical hopper, and the vertical filling auger combines with an eccentric filling pump to synchronously squeeze the filling. The filling tube adopts a semi-horizontal inclined design to prevent the vertical filling from making the bun filling uneven.
  1. The forming system   This stuffed paratha maker can guarantee the synchronous operation of stuffing and noodles. After filling the fillings into the dough, the forming system will automatically wrap the filling into the dough and form a certain pattern shape. After that, the formed bun-shaped paratha will automatically fall on the conveyor belt. Then the conveyor belt will convey it to the noodle pressing system.
  2. Paratha pressing system   The paratha pressing system is pressed into a flat pie with a pressing plate driven by an air pump. The thickness of the pressed noodles can be controlled by adjusting the amount of air produced by the air pump. The upper plate of the pressing plate equips with a certain shape mold. Therefore, customers can change the molds of different shapes to make pies of various shapes.
Paratha making machine
Paratha Making Machine

Commercial stuffed paratha maker characteristics

  1. The shell of the filling machine and the food contact parts are made of food-grade stainless steel to ensure clean and hygienic production.
  2. The paratha maker machine adopts step-less frequency conversion speed regulation, and the operation of each component can be adjusted through the control panel.
  3. This stuffed paratha making machine adopts advanced technical design, has a simple structure, and is more convenient to operate
  4. Its forming knife adopts 12 imported high-molecular materials, which are not easy to wear and does not stick to the surface. And it is not easily affected by weather changes and thermal expansion and contraction.
  5. It can produce pies with a single filling and multiple fillings.
  6. Its paratha pressing system can install a variety of molds to produce pies of different shapes. And the size of the finished paratha can also be controlled by operating the machine.
  7. The stuffed paratha making machine’s blanking, forming, and cake pressing are all driven by independent motors, so the machine is not prone to failure.

Precautions for using stuffed paratha encrusting machine

  1. The stuffed paratha encrusting machine should be placed on flat ground. And use the machine in an environment between 5-35 degrees.
  2. Check whether the screws of each part are loose before starting up. Tighten the screws of the conveyor belt and connect the cake pressing device to the air compressor.
  3. When working, it is strictly forbidden to reach into the noodle hopper and filling auger to prevent accidents.
  4. Turn on the paratha encrusting machine after setting the cutting parameters of the noodles and fillings, and test the discharge.

How to maintain stuffed paratha making machine

  1. After the operation, clean up the fillings in the noodle hopper.
  2. When cleaning, the machine should be disassembled and installed in strict accordance with the machine manual. You can use the water to clean the disassembled device. It is strictly forbidden to use hard objects to collide with the machine during disassembly, assembly, and cleaning.
  3. After using it for a period of time, add edible oil to lubricate the transmission parts.
  4. The air source device connected to the cake pressing device will produce water vapor, so you need to check the drainage regularly.

Related machine with the paratha making machine 

It must preprocess raw materials, and then can use the stuffed paratha maker machine to make. This machine can equip with a kneading machine, noodle pressing machine, vegetable cutting machine, stuffing machine, frying machine, and other machines.

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