Innovation in potato chip production technology brings big sales

Potato chips production innovation
potato chips production innovation
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Potato chips have always been one of the people’s favorite snack foods. Its golden color, crisp taste, and good taste all bring a good experience for potato chip lovers. In order to improve the experience of potato chip lovers, and to increase the sales of potato chips during the pandemic. Many potato chip manufacturers continue to make technological innovations in potato chip production. As potato chips production line manufacturer, we also continue to provide customers with solutions suitable for their production.

Traditional potato chips production process

Traditional potato chips production method: potato peeling-potato slices-potato chips blanching-potato chips frying-degreasing-seasoning-packaging

The traditional fried chips are made by continuous frying. In this method, the temperature of the fried potatoes is kept constant.

Several reformed crispy chips manufacturing methods

Kettle potato chips

Among the technological innovations in the production of potato chips, the most notable one is the kettle potato chips. The main difference between kettle potato chips and traditional potato chips lies in the different cooking methods.

Kettle chips vs regular potato chips
Kettle Potato Chips

When frying potato chips, kettle potato chips are not in a constant temperature fryer like ordinary potato chips. It is made using an ancient method of batch cooking. When frying, first put the cold potatoes in a kettle filled with oil and stir. Then repeatedly add additional cold potatoes in batches and stir. When a batch of new potatoes enters a hot kettle, some temperature drops. Therefore, this method slows down the cooking time, darkens the color of the potato chips and the shape of the potato chips is not so perfect.

Kettle potato chips are generally thicker than regular potato chips, and they have a more golden color. Their sides are often flipped to the other side.

Crisp Chips made from Avocado Oil

In addition to innovations in frying methods, some potato chip manufacturers have also innovated the oil composition of fried potato chips. Their method of making potato chips is to fry slicer thin potatoes in avocado oil to give the potato chips a unique buttery taste and a particularly crispy taste. Crispy chips made by this method are considered to be relatively healthy and are widely welcomed. In addition to using avocado oil, there are also potato chips plant that uses coconut, sunflower, red rice, and other healthier oils for frying. They not only add a unique flavor but also healthier.

Crispy chips manufacturing
Crispy Chips Manufacturing

All in all, the new technological innovation in the production of potato chips is to innovate the way of frying potato chips, the diversified choice of edible oil, and the way of packaging. The basic production method is not changed.

No matter what kind of potato chips you make, the machine used to produce potato chips on the potato chip production line will be almost the same. Only the idea of manufacturing potato chips has changed. We now have potato chips production line for sale. If you need a machine, please contact us without hesitation. We will provide you with solutions in detail.


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