50kg/h peanut roasting machine sold to South Africa

Peanut roasting machine for shipping to south africa
peanut roasting machine for shipping to South Africa
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A South African customer ordered a peanut roasting machine with an output of 50kg/h from the Taizy factory. In addition to roasting peanuts, this gas-heated peanut roasting equipment can also be used to roast other nuts or grains, such as sesame, rapeseed, walnut, almond, etc. This peanut roasting machine has different outputs for customers to choose from.

Commercial peanut roasting machine for sale

Peanut roasting machines offer a number of advantages for food processing operations that need to roast large quantities of peanuts efficiently and consistently. The use of a peanut roasting machine offers many benefits for food processing operations, including increased efficiency, consistent results, cost savings, safety, and versatility. This peanut roaster is commonly used in the peanut butter production line for batch roasting of peanuts.

Taizy peanut roasting machines
Taizy peanut roasting machines

Are you looking for a reliable peanut roasting machine for your food processing plant in South Africa? Look no further than our high-quality peanut roasting machine, which has recently been exported to a satisfied customer in South Africa.

With a production capacity of 50kg/h, our peanut roasting equipment is perfect for medium-sized food processing operations. It is powered by liquefied gas, which is a safe and efficient heating source for roasting peanuts.

Details of the South Africa order of peanut roaster machine

Our South African customer visited our factory in China through a friend during the Chinese New Year period and tested the peanut roaster machine. Impressed with its performance, the customer decided to purchase the machine at a discounted price.

Since receiving the machine, our customer has reported that it is easy to operate and highly efficient, with a significant increase in peanut roasting productivity. Our customer is extremely satisfied with the performance of our peanut baking machine and has expressed interest in future business with us.

We take pride in delivering high-quality machines that meet the needs of our customers, and we’re thrilled to hear positive feedback from our South African clients. If you’re in the market for a reliable peanut roasting machine, look no further than our products. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best machines at the most competitive prices, and we stand behind our products with comprehensive support and service.

Parameters of 50kg/h peanut roaster machine for South Africa

Heating power: 15kw/380v (or 1-1.5 kg of liquefied petroleum gas)
Transmission power: 0.75KW
Output: 50KG/H
Dimensions: 2300x1000x1450mm (plus electric cabinet, total width 1250)


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