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Full-automatic sausage binding machine

sausage binding machine1
sausage binding machine1

Brief introduction of sausage binding machine

The fully automatic sausage binder with double-outlet machine is a important one to produce and process in this production line. Sausage can be cut into sections with specific length. The biggest advantage of this machine is that lined products do not require manual and mechanical cutting.
The sausage cutting machine is very simple to operate, and it can automatically and efficiently complete all the work after setting the length and speed. Its biggest capacity can reach 600 pieces per minute, which can increase the production rate and save investment costs

Type of sausage binding machine

1. Hand-operated can be used for store.
2. Pneumatic type does not need electricity, but to connect to the gas source.
3. Semi-automatic touch screen binding machine can set the procedure and then put the sausage manually.
4. Fully automatic single-outlet type and automatic double-outlet type need to set procedure

Function of sausage binding machine

It is mainly suitable for binding all kinds of sausages and considered as an ideal production equipment in food processing market.

Advantage of sausage binding machine

1.Adopting man-machine interface control system, it bears high efficiency, long life and easy operation.
2.Digital adjustment towards product length and output to achieve free control.
3.Advanced binding mechanism without any damage to sausage.
4.The working intensity is alleviated. Operator just needs to put the raw material into machine, and it will automatically complete binding process.

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