The difference between screw oil pressing machine and hydraulic oil pressing machine

Oil pressing machine
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Nowadays more and more people pay attention to food safety issues. Edible oil has become the focus of people’s attention. A good oil pressing machine is an important device in the process of oil extraction. Therefore, the choice of edible oil is very important. More and more families are beginning to pay attention to the quality of edible oil. Taizy Machinery is a professional automatic oil pressing machine manufacturer. It can squeeze high-quality rapeseed oil, peanut oil, and sesame oil etc.

Full automatic oil pressing machine is a machine that squeezes grease out of oil with the help of mechanical external force. It can be divided into hydraulic oil press machine and screw oil press machine.

What’s the difference between full automatic screw oil press machine and hydraulic oil press machine
Different capacities
The former is suitable for squeezing small batches, and can keep original flavor of oil such as sesame oil, olive oil, walnut oil, etc. While the latter bears high capacity and high pressing rate. Screw oil pressing machine is commonly used oil pressing industries .

Different oil pressing rate

The screw oil press machine has a higher oil output rate than the hydraulic oil press machine. The hydraulic oil press machine has static oil production with simple structure, but it can save much power.

Difference ways of pressing

The hydraulic oil press machine uses the liquid as a medium to squeeze out the oil. However, the screw oil press machine produces high temperature by squeezing the screw to press out the oil from the raw material.

Different oil quality

Hydraulic press is a method of physically refining oil. The quality of the pressed oil is better. The raw material can be sesame, almond and peanut. While screw oil press machine produces high temperature during work, it will It destroys the nutrients in the oil, and it requires oil cooling.
In conclusion, when we choose oil pressing machine, we should select proper one according to your raw materials.


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