Why to choose Taizy peanut oil pressing machine?

Oil pressing machine
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There are many different types of peanut oil press machine in the market, and they are different in structure and function. Why to choose Taizy peanut oil pressing machine?

Our peanut oil pressing machine successfully made up for the defect that the peanut oil cake could not be reused after pressing at high temperature. When the peanut oil is squeezed out, the peanuts are not pressed into the oil cake , but were successfully retained as whole defatted peanut kernels.

The peanut oil pressing machine covers an area of 10 square meters. It is purely physical pressing. It does not add any chemical materials during the pressing process, and has a long service life. The oil aroma produced by it is stronger than that of ordinary oil press machine. In addition, it does not foam in food, so it is widely accepted by consumers.

Features of peanut oil pressing machine

Combined with modern science and technology, it is a machine with high quality. After years of successful test , this new hydraulic peanut oil press machine is environmental protection,energy saving, and high added value. All in all, it is a new type of food processing equipment.

Innovative functions of our peanut oil press machine

While extracting the original peanut oil, the peanut red coat and the peanut kernel are separated. The shape, taste and natural nutrition of the peanut are not damaged, which is consistent with the deep processing of food.

Peanut kernels can be sold directly. They can also be restored to their original state and processed into high-protein, low-fat green foods, such as peanut rice, peanut butter and other popular traditional foods. These food has certain medicinal value and health care functions.

How to maintain peanut oil press machine?

  1. Check the lubrication situation in time. There should be enough oil in the oil cup above the gearbox.
  2. Each lubricating part should be protected from dust and other impurities.
  3. Check the quality of the oil in the gearbox once a year.
  4. When the pressingrate is low and the oil cakes are not normal, you should the condition ofscrew shaft.
  5. Wear parts should be replaced in time. After working, you should remove the residual oil cake in the machine, and clean out the dust and grime on the surface of peanut oil pressing machine



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