The variety of vegetable drying machine

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There are many types of agricultural products can be processed by vegetable drying machine. It includes various vegetables, edible fungi, dried fruits, noodles, vermicelli, Chinese medicinal materials, etc. Therefore, there is great potential for the development of fruit and vegetable drying industries.

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Food Dryer

Current status of agricultural product drying market

At present, China’s agricultural product drying is constantly improving and is changing from natural drying to the use of a professional vegetable drying machine. However, although there are many enterprises to buy this machine, most of them are small size enterprises and workshops. It can be seen that this industry is developing rapidly with advanced technology and government support. Personally speaking, t is bound to develop in a better, faster and larger-scale direction.

China’s agricultural products drying technology and equipment have developed rapidly since the reform and opening up, especially in the past 5 years. With the country’s vigorous efforts to protect the environment, the vegetable drying machine industries run smoothly and has greatly promoted the development of agricultural technology.

There are many types of vegetable dryers, let me introduce them one by one

Hot blast stove type vegetable drying machine

This is the most common type of drying equipment. It is commonly known as a drying room. It is usually an independent house with one side being a hot air heating chamber and the other side being a drying room.

You can place the raw materials in a multi-layered tray on the drying cart and push it into the drying room for drying. Due to the materials are in a static state during drying, they are commonly referred to as static drying.

Tunnel type hot air vegetable dryer

Tunnel type hot air vegetable dryer is like a railway tunnel and can accommodate multiple drying carts. The air is heated by a hot blast stove outside the drying room. Then, it is sent from one end of the room through a ventilator into the cavity of the drying room to dry the material. Finally, the hot air is discharged from the other end.

Heat pump type vegetable drying machine

People’s requirements for the quality of agricultural product processing and energy conservation and environmental protection are increasing. Thus, the use of vegetable dryer machine that can maintain the color, aroma, taste and nutritional content of vegetables is badly needed.

The vegetable drying machine with energy-saving and environmental protection function is an inevitable trend for future development.

The material of its drying room of is generally a color steel plate with a thickness of 10CM. It also has the function of heat insulation so that the air inside the drying room is isolated from the outside to ensure a good heat insulation effect.


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