The new type vegetable drying machine

Food dryer application
food dryer application
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Unlike the baking room that is difficult to control and operate, the operating principles and methods of vegetable drying machine are simple. What’s more, it bears high performance and low maintenance. Therefore, it can be widely used in the food processing industry.

Stainless steel vegetable dryer
Stainless Steel Vegetable Dryer

What’s the drying principle?

The drying principle is to use appropriate temperature and hot air to dry the moisture in fruits and vegetables from the inside to the outside. The setting structure of the drying box has at least five layers. The fruits and vegetables placed inside are cyclically inverted and dehydrated. In addition, the dryer adopts a split design, and the combustion chamber and the drying box operate independently, so the possibility of fire and collapse accidents is eliminated.

Features of the traditional drying room

Although coal can be treated as fuel when using the traditional baking room, it has a certain effect on the taste of fruits and vegetables to a certain extent. What’s more, coal combustion releases smoke and sulfur dioxide, affecting the surrounding natural environment.

In addition, the cost of coal is relatively high, but the resource utilization rate is very low.

Vegetable drying machine
Vegetable Drying Machine

Features of the new type of fruit and vegetable dryer

The fruit and vegetable dryer covers a much smaller area than the baking room, and the drying cost is low. Fruit drying machine is easy to install with long service life and wide application. It is not affected by the weather.

In terms of the ecological environment, vegetable dryer not only saves energy but also improves resource utilization, reducing the emissions of air pollutants.

A real example of vegetable drying machine

The harvest time of Fructu’s mom is from September to October each year. At this time, it usually is the rainy season, and there is less sunshine, which brings great inconvenience to the processing of fructus amomi .

Before the appearance of the fruit and vegetable dryer machine, the processing method of Fructus amomi was to firstly cook it and then dry it in the sun. If there is enough sun, it will be dried quickly for packaging. If it is a continuous rainy day, the processed fructus amomi will turn into black with poor quality. As a result, it can be sold at a low price.

Vegetable drying machine helps them solve the dilemma brought by rainy weather. It is efficient and energy-saving, and the fructus amomi processed by it boasts good color and luster, which has increased its sales price.


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