Tomato paste production line turkey for manufacturing tomato sauce

Tomato paste production line
tomato paste production line
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The tomato paste production line takes fresh tomatoes as materials, it includes washing, crushing, concentrating, sterilizing, and filling steps. After years of machine production experience, Taizy provides a complete turnkey project for the tomato paste production line. We provide small and industrial ketchup production lines. Depending on the concentration of the final tomato, the tomato paste production line provided by Taizy can produce the final products including tomato paste, tomato sauce, tomato puree, and ketchup. The production process of ketchup is complicated, and it needs a manufacturer with rich production experience to provide it. Taizy can fully meet your needs.

Introduction of tomato paste production line

Production material: fresh tomatoes

End product: Various concentrations of tomato paste (28%-38%), including tomato paste, tomato sauce, ketchup..

Turkey tomato paste production line process: cleaning, fruit inspection, crushing, enzyme inactivation, refining, concentration, sterilization, filling


Customized or not: yes

Final packaging style: filling, bagging

The production process of the tomato sauce processing plant

The entire process of tomato sauce production includes raw material-hoisting-cleaning-picking-crushing-buffering-preheating to kill enzymes-beating and refining-buffering vacuum concentration-buffering-sterilization- Filling-finished tomato sauce.

Tomato sauce processing line flow chart
Tomato Sauce Processing Line Flow Chart

Tomato processing machine in the automatic paste production line


In all large-scale production lines, an elevator is an important machine used to connect two machines and transfer materials from one to another. In the tomato sauce production line, the hoist mainly applies for conveying the tomatoes into the washing machine and the crusher. The length of the hoist and the angle of inclination can be customized according to the height of the related machine.

Hoist to convey tomatoes
Hoist To Convey Tomatoes

Tomato cleaning machine

Tomato cleaning machine mainly adopts the bubble-type cleaning machines. The cleaning machine adopts all stainless steel. And it uses a fan to blow the wind into the water to produce bubbles. The air bubbles produced by the fan continue to tumble in the sink. Therefore, it can achieve the purpose of cleaning tomatoes. And the tossing blisters will not damage the tomatoes. According to the tomato sauce production output required by customers, we can customize different lengths of tomato cleaning machines to meet production needs.

Commercial tomato washing machine
Commercial Tomato Washing Machine

Picking machine

The packing machine can automatically transport tomatoes. During transportation, it needs to pick out bad tomatoes manually. It can also add a spray pipe above the machine to spray tomatoes. The length of the picking machine can be customized according to production needs. It also has a roller bar, plate type, and chain style. Therefore, it can meet the production needs of large and small tomato paste production lines. And there is a sink under the machine to ensure the sanitation of the production process.

Tomato picking machine
Tomato Picking Machine

Tomato fruit pulping machine

After picking, you need to use a hoist to transport the tomatoes to the crusher inlet. This machine is for the preliminary crushing of tomatoes. The tomato crusher adopts multiple sets of cross-blade structures, which can crush tomatoes into small diameter particles.

Tomato paste making machine
Tomato Paste Making Machine

Buffer tank

The buffer tank is used to store crushed tomato juice. The crushed tomato juice needs to storage in a buffer tank before entering the preheating and enzymatic elimination. The size of the buffer tank can be customized according to the output of the ketchup production line.

Preheating enzyme killer

The purpose of the preheating enzyme killer is to heat tomato juice and kill enzymes. The machine connects the steam to the coil and heats it to blanch and pre-cook the material. The material enters the enzyme inactivation machine through the feed port, and the machine’s conveyor belt advances the movement of tomato juice. It can realize blanching and cooking while conveying. The steamed tomato juice is output through the discharge port. The machine applies in the large-scale fruit and vegetable processing production lines and realizes continuous operation.

Beating and refiner

This refiner machine realizes the function of beating for the second beating, and it is mainly used for beating and residue separation of crushed tomatoes. Compared with the first beating, this beating makes the tomato juice particles smaller. And it also has the function of separating tomato juice and residue. In addition to being used in the tomato paste production line for tomato beating, the machine can also be used for apples, pears, softened hawthorn, dates, and other fruits.

Tomato sauce beating and refining machine
Tomato Sauce Beating And Refining Machine

Vacuum concentrator

The vacuum concentrator can concentrate the original concentration of tomato paste into the required concentration of tomato paste. The vacuum concentrator mainly composes of a heater, an evaporation chamber, and a circulation system. It is in a vacuum state, through continuous circulation heating to make the material boil and evaporate water at a low temperature. Therefore, it can remove a large amount of water in the ketchup, reduce weight, and increase the concentration of the ketchup. Because the tomato sauce evaporates under the vacuum and low-temperature state, it will not damage the processed materials by high temperature. Therefore, it better preserves the taste and nutrition of the tomato sauce.

Casing sterilization machine

A casing sterilizer is a machine specially used for the sterilization of concentrated fruit juice, tomato paste, and other high-concentration materials. The machine adopts a multi-layer casing structure, which can instantaneously sterilize tomato paste at high temperatures. But it will not destroy the tomato paste nutritional content, and it will not change the ketchup color. It mainly passes through the preheating section, the sterilization temperature holding section, and the cooling section.

Tomato paste sterilization
Tomato Paste Sterilization

Ketchup packaging machine

The sterilized tomato paste by the casing sterilization machine needs to be packaged before it can be distributed to the market. The ketchup packages circulating in the market usually come in bags, cans, and other packaging forms. According to different packaging forms, we provide a variety of ketchup filling machines, such as ketchup bag packaging machines and aseptic filling machines. The specific matching packaging machine in the tomato paste production line needs to be matched according to the customer’s packaging requirements.

Tomato sauce ketchup filling machine
Tomato Sauce Ketchup Filling Machine

Features of tomato sauce production line

  1. Continuous production. Since the machines in the production line connect together, it can achieve continuous and uninterrupted production.
  2. High production output, which can meet the needs of large, medium, and small factories
  3. Various packaging forms can meet the different packaging needs of different customers
  4. This tomato paste production line can produce various concentrations of ketchup, such as concentrated tomato sauce, tomato paste, ketchup, etc.
  5. It is not strict for the requirements for raw materials, and this tomato sauce production line greatly reduces the waste of tomatoes in the production process

The tomato sauce processing line meets various packing requirements

There are many types of ketchup packaging on the market. For these different packing types of ketchup, we have corresponding machines. For example, bagged ketchup and canned ketchup, we have corresponding canned ketchup packaging machines and bagged ketchup packaging machines. Therefore, the tomato paste production line can meet various packaging requirements of customers.

Common questions of tomato sauce production line

What is the final product produced by the tomato paste production line?

The tomato paste production line provided by Taizy can produce concentrated tomato paste, tomato sauce, ketchup. Also, it also can equip with other tomato processing machines to produce tomato powder.

What is the output of the tomato sauce production line?

The output of the ketchup production line is calculated based on the processing volume of the raw materials. It can process 1t~1500t tomatoes a day, and we provide large medium, and small tomato paste production lines.

What are the packaging forms for tomato sauce?

The common packaging forms in the market are bagging and filling. For these two types of packaging, we have corresponding machines for packaging. If you have special packaging requirements, we also can customize the packaging machine for you.

What is the price of the tomato sauce production line?

The tomato paste production line has a variety of different outputs and different packaging forms. And for different customers, its production process may be different. Therefore, we need to communicate with you in detail first. By understanding your production process and production output and other details, we can match you with the relevant machine and quote.


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