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Vacuum Meat rolling Kneading Machine/ Tumbler

Vacuum Meat rolling Kneading Machine Tumbler (6)
Vacuum Meat rolling Kneading Machine Tumbler (6)

Brief introduction to Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine:

    Rolling kneading is an indispensable process in the production of meat products, especially western ham, which can promote color changing, speed up curing, and improve meat texture and so on. The vacuum rolling curing time of the meat tumbler is 33.3% shorter than of the traditional curing time, which shortened the traditional curing time from 12h to 8h for the vacuum rolling curing time, so that the color and luster of the hind legs pork reached the level, where the traditional crafts have reached. The function of the Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine is to saturate seasoning powder or sauce into the meat fiber thoroughly in a short time and achieve the goal of making meat fluffy. The Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine adopts the self-extrusion generated by guide plate inside of the cylinder to realize material rolling and kneading effect. When the cylinder rotates, the meat is extruded inward according by the guide plate, and the meat through beating and mutual extruding, so that the body protein is decomposed into water-soluble protein, which is easily absorbed by the human body. At the same time, it can make the additive (for example, starch) and flesh protein dissolved into each other into a mixture and penetrate into meat fiber quickly, so as to achieve the goal of tender meat, which is fluffy, good taste and with high yield rate. The Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine is an essential equipment for meat processing enterprises.

Characteristics of Vacuum Meat rolling Kneading Machine:

1.Rolling curing is a new technology of meat producing for permeating sauce and juice into meat tissue rapidly, which saves processing time compared with standing curing. Meanwhile, rolling curing technology is carried on through constant tumbling of raw materials in a vacuum environment.
2.Due to the vacuum environment meat tumbler the growth and reproduction of microorganisms are largely inhibited and the factors causing food oxidation or spoilage are reduced. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the curing process is carried in a low temperature.
3.To roll and knead raw materials by meat tumbler in the vacuum state will make the physical volume of the product enlarged largely and to soften the texture and to make the pickle absorb in the raw meat evenly, so as to enhance the binding force of the meat, and to improve the elasticity of the meat; ensure the slicing quality of meat products, improve the tenderness and stability of the structure of product, and prevent the meat from breaking during cutting and slicing. Eventually, the products processed will have better taste.
4.Rolling and kneading products in a vacuum environment will reduce the heat generated during friction and kneading.
5.The product is expanded in the physical tissue under the vacuum state, which helps the absorption of seasoning materials, thus improving the water retention of the final product, keeping the meat fresh and tender, and improving the output rate.

Scope of application of Vacuum Meat rolling Kneading Machine:

    It is a necessary equipment for processing cured bacon, ham, sausage, chicken, beef, mutton, fish, pork, rabbit meat and other meat products, with simple structure, easy operation, high efficiency and wide application.

Main technical parameters of automatic vacuum rolling kneading machine:

modelpowercapacityweightdimensionvoltagevacuum degree
GR-501.5kw/380v40kg/time120kg930*620*1040380V0.04-0.08 kpa
GR-1001.85kw/380v75kg/time210kg1150*1000*1500380V0.04-0.08 kpa
GR-2002.25kw/380v150kg/time340kg1450*1000*1500380V0.04-0.08 kpa
GR-3002.25kw/380v225kg/time380kg1650*1000*1500380V0.04-0.08 kpa
GR-5002.25kw/380v450kg/time450kg2150*1000*1500380V0.04-0.08 kpa
GR-8003.7kw/380v600k/time680kg2300*1200*1760380V0.04-0.08 kpa
GR-10003.7kw/380v750kg/time720kg2420*1200*1760380V0.04-0.08 kpa
GR-12005.5kw/380v900kg/time800kg2420*1300*1860380V0.04-0.08 kpa
GR-14005.5kw/380v1000kg/time980kg2540*1500*2050380V0.04-0.08 kpa


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