We sold a vacuum meat tumbler to South Africa

Vacuum meat tumbler exported to south africa
vacuum meat tumbler exported to South Africa
The meat marinated in the vacuum tumbler is more elastic and tastes better. Recently we exported a vacuum meat cutter to South Africa
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The vacuum tumbler can fully absorb the pickling liquid by the meat, enhance the binding force and water retention of the meat, and improve the elasticity and yield of the product. The meat marinated in a vacuum tumbler is more elastic and tastes better. Therefore, it can meet the needs of many meat processing plants. Recently we exported a vacuum meat tumbler to South Africa.

What is the function of the vacuum meat tumbler?

The vacuum tumbler is the main processing equipment used by food processing plants, meat processing plants, and other manufacturers to produce meat products, low-temperature ham, and other meat products. The vacuum meat tumbling machine is mainly used to make the raw meat, auxiliary materials, additives, etc., mix uniformly under vacuum state through tumbling, pressing, marinating, etc. The meat kneaded by the vacuum tumbler has higher water retention, elasticity, and higher yield. It enhances the tenderness and structural stability of the meat and improves the quality of the meat.

Meat vacuum tumbler for processing meat
Meat Vacuum Tumbler For Processing Meat

Why do customers in South Africa buy a vacuum meat tumbler?

Good tumbling effect

The vacuum meat tumbler makes the meat and seasonings evenly mixed. It improves the binding force and elasticity of meat. And the meat after tumbling will not produce cracks when slicing. Tumbling equipment has obvious advantages in product processing. In order to ensure high meat quality, the South African customer purchased the vacuum tumbler.

Vacuum meat tumbler working scene
Vacuum Meat Tumbler Working Scene

Diverse models to meet the needs of South African customers

As a meat food processing machines manufacturer, we provide meat tumblers with a variety of models and capacities. The South African customer runs a small meat processing factory, and the small meat tumbler meets his needs. In the face of meat processing plants of different specifications, we can provide corresponding production machines.

The whole machine is made of food grade stainless steel

The whole meat vacuum tumbler is made of stainless steel, and its structure is compact. The machine adopts a spinning cap structure at both ends of the drum, which maximizes the beating space in the drum and makes the effect of rolling and kneading the product even. The machine made of stainless steel makes the machine more corrosion-resistant and durable, which greatly extends the service life of the machine.

Vacuum meat tumbler manufacturer
Vacuum Meat Tumbler Manufacturer

South Africa vacuum meat tumbler case details

In order to meet the needs of his small meat processing plant, the South African customer bought a 100kg/h meat tumbler. In addition, we also provide small or large meat tumblers with 15kg/h~2t/h. Since the customer had never bought anything in China, he asked us to transport the machine for him. After receiving the customer’s deposit, we make machines that meet the South African voltage for the customer. Before shipping, we will take a video of the machine test run and a picture of the packaging for him. Subsequently, we will transport the packed machine to the freight forwarding agency for transportation. Since the machine has been installed before leaving the factory, customers can use the machine directly after receiving the machine. After the customer used the machine, he was very satisfied with our machine.

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