What are the functions and characteristics of the vacuum tumbler?

Small vacuum meat tumbler characteristics
small vacuum meat tumbler characteristics
The small vacuum meat tumbler has good tumbling effect, so that the meat yield rate is high. What are the advantages and characteristics of the vacuum tumbler?
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The vacuum meat tumbler is generally used to marinate various meats, such as chicken, pork, beef, etc. Compared with the traditional marinating method, the vacuum meat marinator has a faster-marinating speed and a better marinating effect. The small vacuum meat tumbler machine adopts an intelligent control system, which makes the operation more convenient, safer, and more energy-saving. The machine has a uniform rolling effect, low noise, and high use efficiency. So what is the function of the vacuum tumbler? How does it work? What are its characteristics?

The function of small vacuum meat tumbler

The small vacuum meat tumbler rolls the meat pieces up and down in the drum under the vacuum state, so that the meat fully absorbs the seasoning, and realizes the functions of rolling and marinating. After tumbling, the pickling liquid is fully absorbed by the meat, which enhances the binding force and elasticity of the meat. Therefore, the taste and cross-sectional effect of the meat can be improved. Using a vacuum marinator to knead the meat can increase the water retention of the meat and increase the yield, thus improving the internal structure of the product.

Vacuum marinator for salting meat
Vacuum Marinator For Salting Meat

Why are you kneading in a vacuum state?

Kneading meat under a vacuum state has many advantages.

  • Rolling and kneading under a vacuum will make the meat products swell and soft, making the product taste better.
  • Rolling under a vacuum will reduce heat generation. Moreover, the product will not be oxidized under vacuum, which prevents the product from deteriorating during the tumbling process.
  • The product will appear fluffy under the vacuum state, which is good for the meat to absorb the seasoning.
  • In the vacuum state, it can also shorten the tumbling time more effectively and improve production efficiency.
Vacuum meat rolling kneading machine
Vacuum Meat Rolling Kneading Machine

Features of small vacuum meat tumbler

  • The vacuum meat tumbler can destroy the tissue structure of the meat and make the meat soft. After tumbling, the original tissue of the meat is destroyed, some of the fibers are broken, the muscles are relaxed, and the texture is soft.
  • Vacuum meat tumbling will accelerate salt water penetration and color development. It is difficult to achieve uniform penetration of salt water under low temperature conditions. Through tumbling, the muscle tissue of the meat is destroyed, which is beneficial to the penetration of salt water.
  • The vacuum meat tumbler has a variety of output and models, and it is widely used in meat processing enterprises of various specifications
  • The machine is made of food-grade materials, which is resistant to corrosion and prolongs the service life of the machine.

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