What is biscuit making machine price in Pakistan?

Biscuit making machine delivery to pakistan
biscuit making machine delivery to Pakistan
The biscuit machine is welcomed by customers because of its high production efficiency and diverse molds for making biscuits in large quantities. Recently, we exported a biscuit making machine to Pakistan
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The biscuit machine is a machine specially used for biscuits forming, which can make biscuits in large quantities. Due to the large production output, high production efficiency, and diverse molds of this commercial biscuit machine, it is welcomed by biscuit producers. Recently, we exported a set of biscuit making machine to Pakistan. In addition, we also export biscuit making machines to Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, and other places. Many customers are also interested in the commercial biscuit machine and want to know the price of the biscuit machine. Let me introduce the automatic biscuit machine to you below.

Biscuit making machine sold to Pakistan

Biscuit maker wooden package
Biscuit Maker Wooden Package

A Pakistani customer named John ordered a biscuit maker from us at the end of July. And he also ordered 3 sets of additional molds to meet his production needs for various shapes of biscuits. Since this commercial biscuit machine can replace different forming molds, it can meet the production needs of different customers. Moreover, we can also customize the mold shape according to customer needs. The mold replacement of the commercial biscuit maker is also very convenient. Although the biscuit machine has multiple models, the Pakistani customer chose a 400 model biscuit machine for his initial biscuit production business. After finishing and testing the machine, it is transported to Pakistani port by the freight forwarder. The customer can use the machine after receiving the machine.

Why are biscuit machines so popular?


Biscuit is a kind of food suitable for all ages. It can not only be eaten as a snack but also as a meal. Therefore, the biscuit production business is very hot, so a large number of biscuit production businesses have spawned. As a necessary machine for biscuit production, biscuit-making machines are naturally also very popular. In particular, the commercial biscuit machine has a very high degree of automation, efficient production, and stable quality. Therefore, biscuit machines are very popular in Pakistan and other places.

Working principle of Pakistani biscuit making machine

Industrial biscuit making machine
Industrial Biscuit Making Machine

Put the finished dough in the hopper, and the feeder squeezes the dough into the rotating mold. The mold is rotated and pressed to squeeze the fabric attached to the mold into the shape of the mold. After the mold is turned over, the mold is separated from the formed biscuit. The separated biscuits are transported to the lower end along the conveyor belt. The mold of the biscuit machine rotates into the next cycle. The biscuit machine can not only be used alone, it can also equip with machines such as ovens.

What about the biscuit-making machine price?

We have introduced you to the performance and working principle of the biscuit machine, so what is the price of the biscuit machine? This is also the most concerned issue of many consumers. The price of the biscuit machine is mainly related to the model of the biscuit machine. The commercial biscuit machine has 200, 400, 600, and other models. The model of the biscuit machine is named according to the length of the mold roll. Therefore, the longer the length of the biscuit machine mold roll and the larger its model, the greater its output and the more expensive its price. Moreover, just like the Pakistani biscuit-making machine, ordering and customizing a variety of different shapes of molds also affects the price of the biscuit machine. If you want to know the price of the biscuit maker, please contact us.

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