Commercial cookie depositor wire cutter | cookie making machine

Commercial cookie depositor wire cutter
commercial cookie depositor wire cutter
The commercial cookie making machine is easy to operate and has a large production volume, which is suitable for the needs of large and small cookie manufacturers.
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The commercial cookie depositor is a machine that extrudes dough into a shape to make cookies. The machine can make biscuits of different shapes by changing different molds. The cookies made by cookie depositor wire cutter have special shapes, clean patterns and beautiful shapes. This cookie making machine can match the oven to bake cookies. The cookie depositor has a small and automated machine. It is suitable for small and large biscuit factories to produce biscuits.

Small electric cookie depositor
Small Electric Cookie Depositor

The small cookie depositor is a cookie cutter that cuts and squeezes. The machine is controlled by a PLC touch screen, and the motor is driven by an independent servo dot. The cookie dough enters each metering pump through the groove of the inlet. Each discharge nozzle is fed by an independent pump. Therefore, the machine can control each discharge to ensure that the size and weight of all products are consistent. The cookies made by the cookie forming machine have complete shapes and various patterns.

A variety of discharge nozzle shapes can be selected

Various shapes to choose
Various Shapes To Choose

Many customers want to use one machine to make cookies with different patterns. In order to meet the needs of different customers, the Taizy biscuit making machine manufacturer provides a variety of spout shapes. The shape and length of the discharge nozzle are different, and the inclination of the pattern and drawing is also different.

Features of cookie making machine

Cookie making machine application
Cookie Making Machine Application
  • The cookie forming machine is easy to operate, and one person can control the machine
  • The machine has a wide range of applications. It can make Jenny cookies, cookies, whole cakes, macarons, puffs, sesame sticks, seaweed cakes, sesame cakes, egg yolk cakes, and other products.
  • Cookie depositor machine adopts a servo motor PLC control system, each dough extruder has the same size and shape.
  • This machine has the characteristics of advanced technology, low price, accurate weight, simple operation, etc.
  • It can equip with a dough mixer, a baking machine, and other machines to form a cookie production line.

Commercial cookie depositor wire cutter working video

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