Why to choose Taizy continuous frying machine?

Mesh conveyer frying machine (4)
Mesh conveyer frying machine (4)
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The birth of the fryer machine has enriched our diet and created a lot of delicious foods, such as fried peanuts, fried broad beans, and fried meatballs. Especially continuous frying machine, it is widely applied to the food processing industries.

Frying machine (4)
Frying Machine 

People ’s demand towards oil frying machine is increasing

With the development of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, people have stricter requirements on food quality and hygiene. The requirements for fried foods have also continued to increase. In accordance with the market demand, we have researched and developed different fryer machines suitable for different customers, and they have all been highly praised by our customers. Continuous frying machine is the most prominent one.

The feature of continuous frying machine

The continuous fryer machine has a high degree of automation with high efficiency and high output. The final fried products is also equipped with high quality. It is made of food-grade stainless steel, widely applying in meat, aquatic products, vegetables, nuts, snack foods, pasta and other fields (such as potato chips, fried fish, Shaqima, fried nuts).

The frying process is easy to operate, and it is pretty safe for users. What’s more, it is convenient to clean and maintain, saving much energy. Fried foods have bright colors and good taste,

The structure of machine

1. The body of an oil fryer machine: It is made of stainless steel, which meets the requirements of food technology and equipment cleaning. The insulation layer is made of fiber cotton, and the shell is made of brushed stainless steel.

2. The conveying system is mainly composed of a conveying mesh belt, a speed reducer, and a mesh belt frame. The conveying system lifts out of the pot as a whole for convenient cleaning and maintenance.

3.Heating system: it is mainly composed of an electric heating pipe and a temperature control system.

4. Circulating filtration system: it is equipped with a high-temperature oil pump, oil storage tank, oil filter (optional), circulating oil frying, and filtering residue part.

Smoke extraction system: There are two smoke outlets on the side of the hood, which can discharge the oil fume in the oil fryer machine from the chimney outside the pot.

Lifting system: lift the conveying system (mesh belt frame, mesh belt, electric heating pipe) and fume hood to a certain height for easy cleaning.

Scraper system: scrape the waste residue from the bottom of the fryer pan to prevent carbonization and oxidation of the waste residue at the bottom.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system: It mainly relies on suffocation and cooling.

The above is the brief introduction of a continuous frying machine. If you are engaging in the fried food industry, I strongly recommend you but such a machine, since it really can help you to get fried products with high quality and great taste.

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