40GP peanut candy bar machine and chin chin machine delivered to Nigeria

Peanut candy bar machine and chin chin machine delivered to nigeria
peanut candy bar machine and chin chin machine delivered to Nigeria
The old customer from Nigeria returned the order for the third time. He ordered peanut candy bar machine and chin chin production line from us.
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Peanut candy and chin chin are popular snacks in Nigeria. Sunil, our old customer from Nigeria, returned the order to us for the third time. He ordered a peanut candy bar machine and a chin chin production line to produce these two kinds of snacks.

Why do customers buy peanut candy bar and chin chin machine from Taizy?

This is the third time our old customer Sunil has cooperated with us. In 2019, he bought a peanut candy bar machine from Taizy Machinery for the first time. In 2020, in order to expand his business scope, he purchased a small chin chin making machine for making chin chin. After profiting from it, in order to expand the scale of production, in July this year, he asked us again about the peanut candy line and the chin chin production line. Soon, the Nigerian customer returned the order from us for these two production lines.

Peanut candy bar production line process

Automatic peanut cereal bar machine
Automatic Peanut Cereal Bar Machine

The peanut candy production line can be used to produce all kinds of candy bars, cereal bars. Such as granola bar, muesli snack bar, oat bar, peanut brittle, peanut chikki, sesame candy, sesame brittle, nutrition bar. The production line is mainly composed of a sugar melting pot, mixer, elevator, forming and cutting machine, packaging machine, and other machines.

Detailed configuration list of Nigeria peanut candy bar machine

sugar cooking potSugar cooking potModel:TZ-200Capacity: 200LVoltage:380v/50Hz, 3phraseDiameter:800mmPower:18.75kwWeight :200kgSize: 1400*1100*1300  1 set
mixerSugar peanut sesame mixing machine Model:TZ-100Voltage:380V/50hz,3phrasePower:1.1kwSize:700*800*1200mmCapacity:10kg/once 1 set
conveyor ConveyorPower:0.37kwVoltage:380V/50HZSize:2500*820*1080mmRemarks: The surface is stainless steel; The conveyor belt material is PVCFunctions: Conveyor the material to the automatic cutting machine1 set
peanut candy bar forming cutting machinePeanut candy bar forming cutting machine Model:TZ-68Power:2.5kw Motor: 380v,50hzCapacity:300-400kg/hSize:6800*1000*1200mmWeight:1000kg          
Cooling conveyorVoltage:380V/220VPower:0.37kwSize: 5000*1000*800mmRemarks: 1. The surface is stainless steel 2. The conveyor belt material is PVCFunctions: Cool for convenient final packaging 
1 set
Packing machinePeanut candy bar packaging machine Model:TZ-250Voltage:380V,50hz,3phrasePower:2.5kwPacking speed:50-300pcs/minProducts are highly :5-40mmMembrane width :≤250mmPacking height :5-60mmSize:3770*670*1450mmWeight:800kg 1 set
Nigeria peanut candy bar machine

Machine configuration sheet for Nigeria chin chin production line

Machine namePictureParametersQuantity
Peanut shelling machine Peanut sheller machineModel:TBH-800 size:1400*900*1600mm Net weight:160kg Production:600-800kg/h Break rate:≤2.0% Injury rate:≤3.0% Peeling rate:≥98% Power: motor 3-4kwNote: price includes motor 2 sets
Horizontal dough mixer  Chin chin dough mixerModel: TZ-120 Capacity: 120kg/batch Time: 3-10minutesVoltage: 380v 50hz Power:4kwsize:1300*730*1100mm 1 set
Coating machine Coating machinemodel: TZ-300 Power: 1.5kw Capacity: 300kg/hsize:1000*800*1300mm weight: 130kgMaterial: stainless steel, contact with food 304 stainless steel.Roller diameter: 80cm  3 sets
Automatic chin chin cutting machine Industrial chin chin cutterModel:TZ-1000 size:3300*610*1500mmNet weight:800kg Production:1000kg/h Total power: 4.5kwFunction:3 press rollers with 3 separate motors.3 pcs powder boxes with 3 pcs motors.2 conveyors with 2pcs motors.Cutting function.2.  1 set
Chin chin packaging machine         Chin chin packaging machinemodel: TZ-320 Power: 1.8kwweight range: 8g-500g Membrane width: max 320mm Capacity: 100-130pcs/minutessize:750*1150*1950mmweight: 250kgMachine material: stainless steel Cup can adjustable        4 sets
Nigeria chin chin production line

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