500kg/h potato washing machine exported to South Africa

Potato washing machine exported to south africa
potato washing machine exported to South Africa
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Potatoes are nutritious and have varied eating methods. It can be used not only as a dish on the table but also as a raw material for French fries and potato chips snacks. Potatoes are delicious, but it is difficult to peel them a lot. Commercially, it generally uses a potato cleaning and peeling machine to process potatoes. It can not only clean potatoes but also process potato skins. Therefore, potato cleaners are very popular commercially. Recently, we exported a potato washing machine to South Africa.

Potato washing machine function

The potato cleaning machine is not only suitable for cleaning potatoes, but it also has two types of brushes. One is a hard brush, its main function is to clean and peel rhizomes. It is generally used to clean ginger, potatoes, and other raw materials that need to be peeled. The other is a soft brush, its function is mainly to clean. Therefore, soft-bristled brushes are generally used for cleaning raw materials such as carrots and dates.

Potato cleaning machine
Potato Cleaning Machine

Features of potato cleaning and peeling machine

  1. The potato cleaning machine adopts all 304 stainless steel. And the machine also has the function of automatically collecting residue, it will not make water and residue flow everywhere. The machine complies with food safety and sanitation standards, so it widely applies in restaurants, school canteens, and other areas.
  2. It has a variety of models and output options. For restaurants and large food processing plants, the amount of potatoes they need to process is different. A variety of models allow different customers to choose the output that suits their needs according to their needs.
Potato washing machine wait for delivery
Potato Washing Machine Wait For Delivery

South Africa potato washing machine order details

A customer from South Africa sent us an inquiry in October. After negotiation, we learned that the customer operates a small vegetable processing plant. In the past, he hired workers to handle potatoes for him. As his business expands, he needs a highly automated machine to wash potatoes to expand production.

After receiving the customer’s inquiry, we sent him the working video and quotation for the potato washing machine. The potato washing machine has a variety of outputs such as 300kg/h, 500kg/h, 700kg/h, 1000kg/h, etc. From the video, the South African customer saw that potatoes can be cleaned and discharged automatically within a few minutes. He is very satisfied with the efficiency and results of our machine. After learning about the prices of the 300kg/h and 500kg/h machines, he chose the 500kg/h machine and placed an order soon.

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