Vegetable drying machine in South Africa

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As well all know, the South African is rich in vegetable and fruit, so the vegetable drying machine in South Africa is a common machine for food processing industries. Then how to properly operate vegetable drying machine?

Vegetable dryer machine
Vegetable Dryer Machine

The selection and cleaning of raw material

Select rich fleshy fruits and vegetables. You should select strictly and remove the fruits and vegetables with diseases and insects. Decay, overripe or immature fruits and vegetables also need to be excluded.

The raw material should be washed with water and then dried in a cool place. You can not expose them to the sun.

Cutting and blanching

Cut the cleaned fruits and vegetables into slices, filaments or strips. When pre-cooked, leafy vegetables cant not be treated with hot bleaching.

Cool and drain

After pre-cooking, the fruits and vegetables should be cooled immediately so that they can quickly drop to normal temperature. After cooling, in order to shorten the drying time, you can use a centrifuge to shake the water. After draining the water, you can spread it out for drying


You should choose different drying temperature, drying time, drying moisture content and drying process according to different types of fruits and vegetables. When drying, the cold air passes through the heat exchanger, heating the air in the drying room through heat conduction, heat radiation and heat convection. Under the action of the blower, all the hot air is dispersed in the drying room, and the hot air and the materials are in full thermal communication. Under the force of a dehumidifying fan, water vapor is discharged out of the drying room finally.

Why the vegetable drying machine in South Africa mainly are exported from China?

China’s fruit dryer machine has excellent drying effects and rapid dehydration, which can maintain the original color and essence of the raw material.

  1. The hot air provided by it is pure hot air, and the temperature can be adjusted automatically.
  2. Drier material is in contact with hot air, and the wetter material is in contact with hot and humid air. This prevents the wet fruit from directly contacting the dry and hot air. Minimize the damage to the nature and color of fruits.
  3. Wet wind is directly emptied from the top layer. The contact time between the wet wind and the fruit is extremely short (less than 5 seconds). It completely prevents the wet wind from contacting the fruits.
  4. Extensive fuel such as coal, natural gas, etc.
  5. The drying layer is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion.

In conclusion, vegetable drying machine in South Africa is very popular, Taizy fruit dryer machine always focus on the quality of the machine, aiming to provide our customers in South Africa with best service,


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