Fried food production line with frying, dehydrator,de-oiling machine

Fried food production line
fried food production line
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The fried food production line includes a series of frying processing machines used to produce French fries, potato chips, banana chips, and other fried foods. The fried food production line usually includes frying machines, de-oiling machines, and other machines. The fried food processing machine can control the production output by changing the machine model in the production line. Generally, it has small, medium, and large fried food production lines. The production line has a wide range of uses, suitable for fried food factories, restaurants, canteens, and other places.

Introduction to the fried food production line

The main body of the machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel. A double mesh belt conveyor is characterized by its higher efficiency, adjustable variable frequency; The automatic lifting system facilitates workers to clean up the internal parts of a frying machine; Constant temperature and continuous production ensure that the food frying temperature and frying time are consistent, the whole machine adopts oil-water mixture or pure oil scraping technology, the residue in the food can automatically sink into the water or through the longitudinal and transverse scraping system to scrape the residue, keep the oil clean, can be equipped with oil filter control.

Fried food processing machine
Fried Food Processing Machine

The whole fried food production line machine adopts module temperature control, the multi-stage heating mechanism can be set, and the temperature can be controlled by zone. Can be customized according to customer requirements. The high degree of automation of continuous fried line.

There are automatic, and manual lifting systems, unique product delivery systems, slag discharge systems, heating systems, oil cycle systems, smoke exhaust systems, electronic control systems, and other components. Safe, convenient, and hygienic use is the ideal equipment for food processing plants.

Suitable for medium and large-scale Fried food processing enterprises, widely used in meat, Fried chicken wings, meat products, Fried rice, aquatic products, vegetables, pasta, and other Fried food processing.
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Mesh belt frying machine

1, the full oil temperature automatic control is adopted, the temperature can be set from 0 to 300 degrees freely, suitable for frying food under any requirements.

2, the international standard process design, compared with an ordinary fryer, is more oil-saving. And it can extend the service life of cooking oil, carbonized free, saving 50% of oil consumption to help you win back the investment on equipment in half a year.

3, the use of this frying machine process to produce food smoothness is good, bright color and luster, product quality level are significantly improved, and the solution formula Fried food acidification exceeds the standard.

4, a multi-purpose machine, no need to change the oil to fry a variety of food, smoke-free, odor-free, timesaving, and environmentally friendly. Compared with the general frying machine, the fried food processed by Taizy’s frying machine contains no heavy metals or other harmful substances.

5, advanced mechanical transmission, frequency conversion, and speed regulation systems are equipped making the fryer suitable for all kinds of food frying (such as tofu, meat, meat pie, meatballs, chicken, rice, fish, etc.).

6. Advanced and efficient heating systems and heat preservation technology are adopted in the oil tank, which not only saves energy but also improves work efficiency, and reduced energy consumption.

7, single-layer mesh belt transmission, the material is transported out, at the bottom a slag scraping mesh belt is equipped, so that the black slag created in the process of frying fall onto the mesh belt, to avoid oil turning black and acidification, extend the service life of frying oil.

Dehydration and de-oiling machine

dehydration and the de-oiling machine are also known as de-water and oil machine, centrifugal dehydration and de-oiling machine, is the principle of mechanical centrifugal, through the high-speed rotation of the inner cylinder, water and oil will be thrown out into the collection device. It is mainly used to drain the water of fruits and vegetables after cleaning and to shake off oil on the surface of Fried food.

Dewater deoil 3 2

Hoister in the fried food production line

In various large-scale fried food production lines, a hoist is an indispensable machine. This machine is a machine that realizes automated production. It can lift the raw materials to the next machine.

Hoister 1 2

Air dryer

The air dryer in the fried food production line can effectively remove water droplets from the surface of food by strong air blowing generated by the turbofan suitable for the assembly line, and improve the degree of automation.

Air drying production line 4 2

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