Automatic bean sprout washing and drying machine

Bean sprouts washing machine
bean sprouts washing machine
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The bean sprout washing machine (cleaning machine) is used to clean mung bean sprouts, Alfalfa Sprouts, Mung Bean Sprouts, Broccoli Sprouts, and other raw materials. It can match with a vibration dehydrator and an air dryer, and it can realize bean sprouts peeling. The bean sprout cleaning machine has 300kg/h,500kg/h,700kg/h, and other capacities. It can meet the requirements of restaurants, school canteens, vegetable markets, vegetable processing plants, etc.

Bean sprout washing machine details

Commercial bean sprout washing equipment includes a bean sprout washing machine, vibration dehydration peeling machine, an air dryer, and other equipment. The cleaning machine is mainly used to clean the impurities on the surface of the bean sprouts and remove bean sprouts’ skin. Vibration dehydration peeling machine is usually used for dehydration and removing excess bean sprout skin. The air dryer can be used to quickly dry bean sprouts, and then it can use a packaging machine to pack air-dried bean sprouts.

Bean sprouts cleaning machine
Bean Sprouts Cleaning Machine

Industrial bean sprouts washing machine working principle

Bean sprouts do not have a hard structure like rhizomes, so be careful not to damage the structure of the bean sprouts when cleaning. The bean sprouts washing machine is a bubble-type washing machine. It is especially suitable for cleaning leafy vegetables. The machine uses air bubbles generated by a fan to clean bean sprouts, and it has a high-pressure spray device. In the washing tank, the air bubbles make the bean sprouts continuously roll and move forward.

Broccoli sprouts washing machines
Broccoli Sprouts Washing Machines

In the process of bubble tumbling bean sprouts, a bean sprout washer machine can achieve the purpose of bubble cleaning. There is also a high-pressure spray device at the end of the bean sprouts cleaning machine. When the conveyor belt conveys the bean sprouts to the end of the machine, the high-pressure spray cleans the bean sprouts again. After twice washing, the bean sprouts are cleaned. When washing bean sprouts, the tumbling bubbles will wash away the skin on the bean sprouts. The peeled bean sprout skins will flow to the residue collection device along with the residue for unified collection.

Automatic bean sprout washing and drying line flow chart

The bean sprouts cleaning and drying line can meet the needs of large food processing plants. It can realize the functions of cleaning, peeling, and air drying. Moreover, the production line can be matched with packaging machines and other machines according to customer needs.

Bean sprouts cleaning air-drying line mainly includes cleaning, dehydration, air-drying and other processes.

The bean sprout washing machine is used to clean the impurities on the bean sprouts and realize the preliminary peeling. The washing machine is made of all 304 stainless steel. Its length can be customized according to the cleaning output required by customers.

Broccoli sprouts washing machine
Broccoli Sprouts Washing Machine

The dehydrator is a vibration dehydrator, which can achieve vibration dehydration and peeling of bean sprouts. The dehydrator uses a vibration motor to drive the machine to vibrate. Under the action of the machine’s vibration, the bean skins on the bean sprouts fall to the ground through the sieve.

The air dryer can quickly air-dry and clean the bean sprouts. The machine equips with multiple fans to cool the cleaned bean sprouts. And the distance between the dryer and the mesh belt can be adjusted. The length of the air dryer and the distance between the air dryer can be customized according to customer needs.

Bean sprouts peeling and cooling machine
Bean Sprouts Peeling And Cooling Machine

Commercial bean sprouts cleaning machine features:

  • Large cleaning output

The bean sprout washing machine has a variety of models and output options, and its output range is 300kg/h-2t/h. Therefore, customers with different production specifications can choose the appropriate machine output and model according to their needs.

  • Good effect, will not damage bean sprouts

The bean sprout washing machine uses the bubble to clean the bean sprouts, the strength of the bubble rolling will not damage the bean sprouts. In addition, it can also clean other leafy vegetables and easily damaged fruits.

Washing and cleaning machine working picture
Washing And Cleaning Machine Working Picture
  • Safety, sanitation, and water-saving

The washing machine is made of all 304 stainless steel, which fully complies with food safety and sanitation standards. And the machine uses a circulating water pump for water recycling, which can effectively save water resources.

  • Simple operation and maintenance

It only needs to connect the water pipe to the machine to pass water, and then turn on the machine to put in the raw materials for cleaning. And the residue after cleaning will be collected by a special device, and its cleaning is also very simple.

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