The Working Principle of Automatic Vegetable washing machine

Vegetable washing machine

Vegetable cleaning machine is also known as fruit cleaning machine, potato cleaning machine. It is mainly used for sorting and cleaning various root vegetables and citrus fruit such as carrots and potatoes, taro, etc. This machine adopts food-grade mesh belt transmission and food-grade brush to remove impurities, and then cleaning carries on by using rotary brush under high-pressure spray. The cleaning effect of vegetable washing machine is good, which thoroughly clean the surface of fruit and vegetable. Vegetable washing machine is designed according to the vegetable processing market demand of areca, arum, potato, sweet potato and walnut.

Vegetable washing machine
Vegetable washing machine

Vegetable washing machine working principle

The material washed in the water by the action of bubbles flush will tumble and spread out. And raw material will fully contact with the rotating brush roller, so that hair and debris impurities adhere to the brush will be removed. At the same time, the product moves forward continuously under the action of water flow and sends the product into the next process.

Vegetable washing machine component and structural characteristics

The motor and stainless steel water pump of the vegetable washing machine are all made to be the most advanced products in the world, and the other parts are all made of stainless steel, which completely meet the requirements of world class food hygiene. Brush roller is also of best quality. Brush roller and conveyor net belt can be easily disassembled and installed, which is easy to clean. Then clean and sanitary standard are reached.

Scope of application of vegetable cleaner

The equipment is mainly used in frozen and salt marinated products, and for generally use in the pre-treatment of products prior to quick-frozen or be used before desalting salted products usually. Applicable varieties:

Carrot, white radish, pumpkin, cucumber, cucumber, eggplant, bamboo shoot, mushroom, fern, thorn bud, snow vegetable, cauliflower, pepper, garlic moss and so on. The quality of our vegetable cleaning machine is very good, if you are interested in our machine or have some questions, welcome to leave a message below, we will have professional staff to give you a detailed answer.

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