Industrial vegetable washing machine running in Qatar

Qatar vegetable washing machine
Qatar vegetable washing machine
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Taizy industrial vegetable and fruit washing machine have won the welcome of many customers because of its stability and practicality. At present, we have exported this machine to Guatemala, Honduras, Lebanon, Colombia, Venezuela, New Zealand, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and other countries and regions. Recently, we received feedback from customers in Qatar about industrial vegetable washing machines.

The working principle of industrial vegetable washing machine

The bubble washing machine adopts a water bath type bubble washing. Its working principle is that the fan blows air into the water to produce bubbles. Then the bubble drives the material to produce a tumbling effect. The irregular and strong turning movement of the material in the water can effectively separate the attachments on the surface of the material. Thereby achieving the effect of comprehensively cleaning the material.

While cleaning, the raw materials are pushed forward by air bubbles. At the end of the machine, there is a high-pressure spray area for secondary cleaning of the materials to achieve a thorough cleaning of the materials.

Bubble vegetable&fruit washing machine
Bubble Vegetable&Amp;Fruit Washing Machine

Why Qatar customers choose Taizy vegetable washing machine

The customer is an agricultural company in Qatar, specializing in the processing of various vegetables and fruits. In September 2019, he sent us an inquiry about the bubble washing machine. And he noted that they need an elevator, bubble washing machine, hair roller cleaning machine, and air dryer for potatoes and tomatoes.

Tomato washing machine
Tomato Washing Machine

Our machines have high output, and we also can customize the length of the machine to customer requirements to increase output. And the connection between each machine is good, and then we sent him our test machine video. He shows his satisfaction with our test machine video greatly, and soon he paid the deposit. After that, he came to our factory to inspect the machine and conducted a detailed inspection of the material and the welding part. He said that he can not wait to use this machine. And quickly paid the balance money. Now they have received the machine and used the machine for potato and tomato cleaning process.

Qatar tomato washing machine feedback video

Application of bubble washing machine

The machine is widely applicable, and it can be used to clean all kinds of fresh fruits, vegetables, salted vegetables, fungi, and seafood. It mainly removes impurities such as sand, hair, and salt in the material.

It can not only use alone but also can combine with other machines to form a production line for deep processing of food. For example, it can combine with a cooling machine to form the sterilization and cooling of vacuum-packaged food. Combining with a slicer and vegetable and fruit dryer to form a fruit slice processing production line. It also can combine with a cooling machine and a vacuum food pack machine to form a fruit cleaning and packaging production line.

Industrial vegetable washing is not only suitable for the initial processing of small vegetable and fruit vendors. But also for the deep processing of food or agricultural companies.

Qatar vegetable washing machine
Qatar Vegetable Washing Machine

Advantages of industrial vegetable washing machine

  1. The industrial vegetable washing machine is made of all 304 stainless steel, which is safe, reliable, and pollution-free.
  2. The washing machine adopts a speed-regulating motor. The speeds of the conveyor belt are adjustable, the conveying is stable, and the damage to the raw materials is small
  3. Simple structure, easy to maintain
  4. The machine adopts the circulating pump. It can ensure the cleanliness of the water in the sink and improve the utilization rate of water
  5. The bubble washing machine will not damage the materials. So the machine is also suitable for cleaning raw materials similar to strawberries


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