Can we drink juice immediately after using commercial juicing machine?

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In recent years, people increasingly like a healthy lifestyle, and drinking vegetable juice has gradually become a habit. The demand of commercial juicing machine is growing as well. It is very simple to use a juicer machine to squeeze vegetables into juice or make pulp. In this process, most of the water-soluble nutrients are in the juice, while insoluble dietary fiber will remain in the residue. Can we drink juice immediately after using commercial juicing machine? I will give you answer in the following.

Will the nutrition of vegetables and fruits be lost after juicing?

The fiber content of 100 grams of carrot juice is 0.8 grams, while the fiber content of 100 grams of intact carrots is 2.8 grams. Why? Because 100 grams of carrots can not fully be squeezed into 100 grams of carrot juice.

In addition, some physical ingredients in vegetables such as antioxidants, which are sensitive to oxygen. It is fully released during the juice extraction process, and will be oxidized by oxygen. For example, vitamin C, the nutrition lost is different towards different vegetables and different ways of juicing .

Freshly squeezed juice is best to drink immediately

How long can I keep it after juicing? In fact, you should drink it immediately after squeezing by commercial juicing machine. You can’t store it for a long time.

It can be reported that the loss of vitamins and antioxidants increases every minute. Fruit and vegetable juice is very easy to change color. Discoloration does not mean poisonous and harmful, and you can still drink it. However, the polyphenol health ingredients in fruits and vegetables are oxidized when exposed to oxygen, and the antioxidant effect will be reduced.

At the same time, during storage, the taste will gradually change, losing its original freshness. You should minimize the contact between the juice and the air to avoid oxidative discoloration.

So how to avoid the loss of nutrients?

Put vitamin C in the juice to protect its nutrients

Freshly squeezed fruit juice is easy to spoil, you can add vitamin C to the juice which can inhibit the activity of polyphenol oxidase, thereby keeping fresh and protecting nutrients. In addition, they can moderate the taste and make the fruit and vegetable juice more delicious.

How to make more juice with a commercial juicing machine?

In addition, if you want to squeeze out more juice, you must choose a fruit and vegetable with high moisture content. You can choose fruits such as watermelon, apple, strawberry, lemon, citrus, kiwi, pineapple, mango and so on. For vegetables, yo should consider its texture and taste. Too hard or astringent are not suitable. The most popular ones are tomatoes and bitter gourds.

Do I need to add water when juicing?

Except for fruits such as watermelon, strawberry, and citrus, which can directly squeeze out juice, most of the juice must be added to water to make pulp, such as apples, pears, peaches, apricots, etc. As long as it can drive the juicer machine to rotate normally. In addition, using milk or yogurt instead of water will bring a different flavor to the juice.

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