Frozen vegetable production line for making frozen peas,sweet corn

Frozen peas processing line
frozen peas processing line
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The frozen peas processing plant is a production line developed for quick-frozen fresh green peas. The frozen green beans line can satisfy most quick-frozen vegetables. It can be used to process quick-frozen peas, corn, potatoes, and other vegetables. In recent years, with the rapid development of cold chain transportation in the logistics industry, the quick-frozen food industry has developed rapidly. At present, the increasing demand for frozen green beans and frozen corn has driven the export and application of frozen green beans and corn production machines.

Industrial frozen peas processing plant application arrange

The automatically frozen peas processing plant is not only suitable for making quick-frozen green beans, but it is also suitable for freezing corn, vegetables, seafood, and other products. Because quick-frozen green beans can extend their shelf life and maintain the taste of green beans. Therefore, quick-frozen vegetable production lines are more and more popular with customers.

Frozen peas & corn processing flow chart

Frozen peas vegetables production line flow chart
Frozen Peas Vegetables Production Line Flow Chart

Not only for frozen green beans and corn but for other frozen vegetables, they have roughly the same production process. The frozen peas processing plant mainly includes front-end processing, selection and transportation, washing, blanching, cooling, shaking, quick freezing, packaging, and other processes. The front-end processing steps of frozen green beans and corn are different. For frozen green peas, it needs to go through the green peas peeling process. The frozen corn needs to use a corn thresher to thresh. After the front-end processing, they can use the same production line for cleaning, quick freezing, and packaging.

Quick-frozen green bean processing machine introduction

Green Bean Peeling Machine


Green bean peeling machine
Green Bean Peeling Machine

Green peas peeling machine is a machine dedicated to peeling beans. This machine is suitable for peeling mung beans, red beans, edamame and other products. The peeling efficiency of this green bean peeling machine is as high as 98%, and the loss rate is less than 1%.

Bubble washing machine

Peas washing machine
Peas Washing Machine

In order to ensure the sanitation of food processing, the quick-frozen peas processing plant needs to use a washing machine to clean the peeled green peas. The bubble cleaning machine mainly uses water bubbles generated by a fan to clean green beans. It will not damage the cleaned materials.

Peas blanching machine

Green peas blanching machine
Green Peas Blanching Machine

For quick-frozen vegetables and dried vegetables, blanching is particularly important. The blanching treatment can reduce the oxidation of vegetables and make the chlorophyll hydrolase inactive. It can also maintain the green and good appearance of the vegetables. The blanching machine uses steam heating to drive the water temperature of the entire tank to rise, and it takes about 30 minutes for the water temperature to rise from 0 degrees to more than 90 degrees.

Cooling machine

Cooling machine in frozen peas processing plant
Cooling Machine In Frozen Peas Processing Plant

In the frozen green peas processing plant, it needs a cooler to cool the blanched green beans. Through the cooler, blanched vegetables can be quickly cooled down. Before entering the quick-freezer for freezing, it saves a lot of energy and labor.

Vibration cloth machine

Vibration cloth machine
Vibration Cloth Machine

The vibrating cloth machine can evenly distribute the piled green beans on the vibrating plate. Moreover, the machine can also increase the function of draining water. Place a drain pan under the vibrating drainer so that the water can be recycled.

Green Bean freezing machine

Green beans freezing machine
Green Beans Freezing Machine

The green bean quick-freezer is the most important machine in the frozen peas processing plant. This machine can meet the needs of producing quick-frozen food in a large batch. Green bean quick-freezer can quickly freeze large quantities of green beans, corn, or other vegetables in a short time. The freezer is made of food-grade materials, and the conveyor belt is designed to facilitate transportation and unloading, saving a lot of labor.

Quick-frozen green peas packaging machine

In order to facilitate the transportation and storage of quick-frozen food, it is usually necessary to use a quick-frozen green bean packaging machine for packaging. As a manufacturer in the food industry, we develop and produce packaging machines in various forms. Such as vacuum packaging machines, pillow packaging machines, vertical packaging machine,s and so on. No matter what kind of packaging you need, we can meet your needs.

Features of frozen peas processing plant

  1. This frozen peas processing plant meets a complete set of processes from raw materials to quick-frozen finished products and packaging, with high production output and labor-saving.
  2. All frozen green peas making machines are made of food-grade materials, which meet the hygiene standards of food production and are pollution-free.
  3. The industrial frozen vegetable manufacturing machines have a variety of output models, which can meet the production output requirements of 300kg/h~2t/h.
  4. The above production process is a process summarized by our company based on years of production experience and customer production experience. If you have your own production process, we can configure related machines according to your production needs.
  5. This frozen green peas and corn production line can not only meet quick-frozen corn and green beans, but it can also make other frozen vegetables.
  6. Green bean freezer conveyor belt speed can be adjusted, and the freezing temperature and time can also be adjusted according to production requirements.

Frozen vegetable production line— frozen corn

The frozen corn production line and the frozen green peas processing plant have the same back-end cleaning, freezing, and packaging machines. However, it needs the corn thresher for threshing before washing the corn. After peeling the corn, throw out the whole corn cob into the corn thresher to obtain the threshed corn and corn cob. Corn thresher has a variety of models such as single and combined threshing. Therefore, it is completely suitable for large and small quick-frozen corn processing plants.

What is the price of the frozen peas processing plant?

Different customers have different output requirements. Facing different customer needs, Taizy provides quick-frozen green peas & corn production lines with a variety of yields. The output of the quick-frozen peas processing plant ranges from 300kg/h to 2t/h. The prices of different production lines are also different.

Moreover, facing the customer’s unique production plan, we can also configure the machine according to the customer’s plan.

How to buy a quick-frozen green peas & corn production line?

First, we will arrange for our sales to get in touch with you. By contacting our business, you will get detailed information about this production line. After you have learned about the quick-frozen green bean production line in detail if you want to buy this production line. Then we will send you a commercial invoice and a payment link. After receiving your payment, we will prepare the machine for you and transport the machine to the port you want to reach.

About the spare parts of the quick-frozen vegetable line

Because this quick-frozen vegetable production line contains multiple machines. The usage and wearing parts of each machine are different. When making a quotation for you, we will list the parameter price of each machine and the information of wearing parts in detail. Through the quotation, you can get to know the wearing parts of each machine in detail.

How to install a quick-frozen corn production line?

All the machines in the quick-frozen corn production line are already installed machines before leaving the factory. After the customer receives the quick-frozen corn production machines, they place all the machines in accordance with the production process. Turn on the power supply, turn on the machine, and start production after debugging.



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