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Tunnel iqf freezer
Tunnel IQF freezer
As a freezer manufacturers,Taizy mainly supply three kinds of tunnel freezer:conveyor belt freezer, fluidized bed freezer and Nitrogen tunnel freezer.
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The tunnel freezer is a kind of quick-freezer produced to meet the needs of quick and large-scale quick freezing. The industrial tunnel conveyor belt freezer can quickly freeze food to the required temperature and maintain the nutritional value of the processed food. Moreover, the IQF tunnel freezer handles a wide range of foods and a large capacity. After years of R&D and manufacturing, the tunnel quick freezing technology provided by Taizy is very mature. At present, we mainly provide three types of tunnel freezing equipment: conveyor belt freezer, fluidized bed freezer, and Nitrogen tunnel freezer.

About quick-freezing technology and quick-frozen food

Frozen food is more than just using a freezing device to freeze the food. Quick-frozen food is a relatively unique freezing process. Compared with the general freezing process, the tunnel freezer can quickly lower the food temperature. As the temperature drops quickly, the water in the food will form very small ice crystals. Ice crystals will not damage food cells, thus retaining the nutrients of the food to a large extent. At the same time, as the temperature drops, the cell activity in the food basically stops, thus prolonging the food shelf life.

Applicable raw materials for quick freezing

From the perspective of quick-frozen raw materials, it is basically divided into two categories, one is meat, and the other is fruits and vegetables.

Blast tunnel freezer application
Blast Tunnel Freezer Application

Meat is rich in protein and minerals. Under the low-temperature state, protein and minerals will not change. Therefore, the nutritional value of quick-frozen meat is not lower than that of fresh meat. However, due to long-term freezing, the moisture contained in the meat will be reduced. Therefore, the taste of quick-frozen meat is worse than that of fresh meat.

There are many kinds of quick-frozen fruits and vegetables, such as quick-frozen green beans, corn, vegetables, carrots, etc. The freezing of fruits and vegetables is generally carried out at minus 18°C. At this temperature, the respiration of fruits and vegetables is almost stagnant. Microorganisms cannot grow and reproduce in this state. Therefore, quick freezing helps preserve the nutrients of fruits and vegetables.

Introduction of blast tunnel freezer

The blast tunnel freezer is a kind of quick-freezer with a very wide range of applications. It mainly uses conveyor belts to transport food for quick freezing. Since the conveyor belt freezer automatically transports food in and out, the industrial tunnel quick-freezer has the characteristics of energy saving and high efficiency. In addition, the blast tunnel freezer can keep freshness to the utmost extent. Tunnel quick-freezers are widely used for quick freezing various shapes of food, such as flakes, strips, and granular foods.

Vegetable and fruit blast tunnel freezer
Vegetable And Fruit Blast Tunnel Freezer

Types of freezer tunnel equipment

There are three main types of tunnel-type quick-freezers, tunnel conveyor belt quick-freezers, liquefied freezers and liquid nitrogen tunnel freezers. These three types of freezers mainly use tunnel and conveyor belts to convey and quickly freeze materials.

Introduction of Tunnel Mesh Belt Quick Freezer

The tunnel conveyor quick-freezing machine is a kind of quick-freezing machine with advanced design and wide application. The freezer’s freezing area is in the tunnel. In a closed tunnel, it uses air convection to release cold air. Quick-frozen food receives cold wind from up and down, front and back, left and right directions. Therefore, it can ensure freezing quality and efficiency. The tunnel mesh belt quick-freezing machine is widely used for the quick freezing strip, block, flake, or granular food. For example, shrimps, steamed buns, spring rolls, chicken nuggets, dumplings, and many other foods. According to different types of conveyor belts, it mainly includes flat plate, mesh belt, and IQF Freezer.

Tunnel mesh belt quick freezer
Tunnel Mesh Belt Quick Freezer

Parameters of tunnel mesh belt quick-freezer

Machine size(meter)L18*W2.5*H1.6L24*W2.5*H1.6L28*W2.5*H1.6
In feed temperature(℃)+10+10+10
Out feed temperature(℃)-18-18-18
Inner circulation Tem(℃)-36±2-36±2-36±2
Frozen time(Min)5-605-605-60
Tunnel flat plate Quick Freezer
Machine size(M)L10.3*W3.3*H2.2L12.3*W3.7*H2.2L15.3*W3.7*H2.2L18.3*W4.3*H2.2
In feed Tem(℃)+20+20+20+20
Out feed Tem(℃)-18-18-18-18
Inner Circulation Temperation(℃)-35±2-35±2-35±2-35±2
Frozen time(min)10-6010-6010-6010-60
Tunnel mesh belt Quick Freezer
Machine size(M)L11.W3.3*H2.6L13.3*W3.7*H2.6L16.3*W3.7*H2.6L19.3*W4.3*H2.6
In feed Tem(℃)+15+15+15+15
Out feed Tem(℃)-18-18-18-18
Inner circulation Temperature(℃)-35±2-35±2-35±2-35±2
Frozen time(min)10-6010-6010-6010-60
Tunnel IQF Freezer

Features of tunnel conveyor belt quick-freezer

  • The freezing time is short. Adopting the principle of Omni-directional air convection, the quick freezing effect is good, the quick freezing time is short, and the efficiency is improved.
  • Good quick freezing effect. The tunnel conveyor quick-freezer is a high-quality IQF tunnel freezer. The finished product quick-frozen by this machine has no lumps and meets food hygiene standards.
  • Good heat insulation effect. The heat preservation system of the machine uses high-quality polyurethane foam sandwich double-sided stainless steel as the machine body. It has a good heat preservation effect.
  • Save energy. The machine equips with a two-speed motor, which not only expands the application scope but also saves energy.
  • The speed of the conveyor belt can be adjusted. The quick-freezer adopts a variable frequency drive system. Therefore, you can control the speed of the conveyor belt to control the freezing time.
  • The quick freezing time is short. The air cooler of the quick-freezer adopts an integral aluminum tube and aluminum sleeve, which improves the quick-freezing efficiency and shortens the time.

Fluidized bed tunnel freezer

Fluidized bed tunnel freezer comes a true IQF technology. The liquid fluidized quick-freezer can realize the fluidization of quick-frozen food, and the final formed product will not stick. The mechanical IQF freezer works according to the principle of cold air circulation.

Iqf tunnel freezer
Iqf Tunnel Freezer

How does an vegetable and fruit IQF tunnel freezer work?

The cold air circulates from above the material to below the conveyor belt. At the same time, the quick-frozen products are transported to the export via conveyor belts. Due to the blowing action of the cold air, the food no longer remains stationary but presents a fluid state. The quick-frozen food is kept in this fluid state and is transported by the conveyor belt until it is transported out. Since the food flows in a fluid state, it can ensure that two similar food particles do not stick together.

Parameters of Fluidized IQF freezer

Machine size(meter)7.1×4.4×3.29.6×4.4×3.810.8×4.4×3.813.1×4.7×4.416.1×4.7×4.419.6×4.7×4.4
Infeed Tem.15℃15℃15℃15℃15℃15℃
Outfeed Tem-18℃-18℃-18℃-18℃-18℃-18℃
Inner circulation temperature-35±2℃-35±2℃-35±2℃-35±2℃-35±2℃-35±2℃
Frozen Time3-60min3-60min3-60min3-60min3-60min3-60min
RefrigerantR22 or R717 or R404aR22 or R717 or R404aR22 or R717 or R404aR22 or R717 or R404aR22 or R717 or R404aR22 or R717 or R404a
Fluidized IQF freezer
Fluidized bed tunnel freezer
Fluidized Bed Tunnel Freezer

Highlights of Fluidized bed tunnel freezer

  • Since the IQF freezer can realize individual quick-freezing, the quick-frozen products it produces have a high quality.
  • The liquid tunnel freezer is suitable for freezing products with smaller particles. Its freezing range includes sliced, diced fruits and vegetables, as well as fish, shrimp, and other seafood.
  • Since the quick-freezer adopts a conveyor belt structure, it can ensure the continuity of production. The quick-freezer has the characteristics of high quick-freezing output.
  • It adopts a mechanical air-cooling device, low energy consumption.
  • The quick-frozen product has three stages after cooling, surface freezing, and deep freezing, and the frozen product quality is high.

Nitrogen seafood tunnel freezer introduction

The nitrogen tunnel freezer uses liquid nitrogen as the main refrigeration method. Due to the characteristics of liquid nitrogen, it can lower the temperature and refrigerate in a short time. And because of the chemical inertness of liquid nitrogen, it can directly contact food without destroying the food’s biological activity. The freezing temperature of the liquid nitrogen tunnel freezer can reach minus 196 degrees Celsius. The Nitrogen tunnel freezing machine has obvious advantages for products that require rapid freezing.

Nitrogen tunnel freezer
Nitrogen Tunnel Freezer

Why to choose the Nitrogen tunnel freezing machine?

Since liquid nitrogen is a colorless, odorless, low-viscosity transparent liquid with stable chemical substances, it will not react with any substances. Because of its inertness and rapid gasification and refrigeration characteristics, liquid nitrogen is widely used as a refrigerant in the food industry. On the other hand, the internal structure of the liquid nitrogen equipment is simple, low in height, and easy to enter. Therefore, liquid nitrogen has a wide application and easy to clean. A liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machine is easy to install and operate and has strong compatibility with food, so it is widely welcomed.


Inlet and outlet height(mm)Inlet height is 1060mm/ outlet height is 840mm
Maximum heigh of product(mm)2500mm2500mm2500mm2500mm
Conveyor belt width(mm)1280mm1280mm1280mm1280mm
Frozen time(min)5-25mins(can be adjusted)
Nitrogen tunnel freezer for sale
Nitrogen Tunnel Freezer For Sale

Features of liquid nitrogen quick freezing equipment

  • The cooling speed of liquid nitrogen is very fast, it can freeze the food in 3~5 minutes, and make the food core temperature reach minus 18 ℃ in 30 minutes. Compared with traditional refrigeration equipment, the cooling rate of liquid nitrogen gasification is increased by 5 to 10 times.
  • Quickly cool down and condense into small ice crystals, the small ice crystals are not easy to damage the cell wall, ensuring the flavor and quality of frozen food.
  • Nitrogen is obtained by fractional distillation of compressed liquid air. Liquid nitrogen will not damage the environment when discharged into the air after use.
  • When quick freezing food, it can be completely disinfected and sterilized. The products that have been quick-frozen in the liquid nitrogen quick-freezer can be directly stored in the refrigerator. It reduces the probability that the bacteria attached to the food will multiply and damage the food.


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