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The fruit pulping machine can make juice from vegetables and fruits, separating fruit kernels, seeds and thin skin, processing vegetables and fruits.
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The fruit pulping machine can make juice from vegetables and fruits, separating fruit kernels, seeds, and thin skin. The commercial fruit pulper machine is specially designed for stone fruit. It can be divided into a single-pass fruit pulper and a double-pass fruit pulper juicer machine. The raw materials are fruits such as orange, grapes, kiwi, mulberry, bayberry, peach, etc., or vegetables including celery, tomatoes, and peppers. The processed fruits or vegetables are nutritious and in line with the standards of healthy living for modern people. The multi-functional fruit pulping machine can not only use alone, it also can apply to large-scale fruit juice production lines, such as mango juice production lines and tomato paste production lines.

Fruit and vegetable juice of pulping machine
Fruit And Vegetable Juice Of Pulping Machine

Types of fruit pulper machine

Taize offers two types of fruit pulper machines, single and double pass fruit pulping machines. The single-pass fruit pulper juicer machine has a beating chamber for beating, and this model has the function of de-nucleating beating. The double-channel pulping machine has two beating chambers, and its first beating chamber has the function of de-nucleating. The second beating chamber has the function of beating. Therefore, these two fruit pulper machines have the functions of core removal and pulping.

Single-pass fruit pulping machine

The single-pass fruit pulping juicer machine is mainly composed of a cylindrical screen, crushing blade, scraper, shaft, frame, and transmission system. The cylindrical screen is to separate slag and juice with a hole size of 4-1.5mm, and it is made of stainless steel. There are two rectangular scrapers inside the machine to beat the fruits during the operation. The distance between the scraper and the inner wall of the cylindrical screen is adjustable, which is achieved by changing the bolts. You shall install a non-toxic acid-resistant rubber plate on the scraper to prevent the cylindrical screen from being broken by the scraper.

Single pass fruit pulper
Single-Pass Fruit Pulper

The working principle of the single-pass fruit pulping machine

The operator puts the raw materials into the hopper, and the motor drives the scraper to rotate constantly. The fruit or vegetable moves in a spiral trajectory between the scraper and the screen. Due to the centrifugal force, the juice and fruit pulp flows out from the holes of the cylindrical screen. Meanwhile, the seeds and fruit skin are discharged from the slag outlet on the left of the cylindrical screen.

Fruit pulper machine
Fruit Pulper Machine

The technical parameter


Double-pass fruit pulping machine

The double-pass fruit pulping machine is suitable for the separation of pulp and skin of fruits and vegetables after being crushed and pre-cooked. It is composed of two single-pass fruit pulp extraction machines in series and bears upper and lower structures. The first pass is coarse pulping and the second pass is fine pulping. Besides, the size of the screen can be customized according to customer requirements.

Double pass fruit pulping machine for  fruit coring and pulping
Fruit Pulping Machine

Technical parameter

ModelMotor power(kW)Weight(kg)Dimension(mm)

What is the difference between the fruit pulping machine and the screw juicer?

You may be confused that what is the difference between the fruit pulper and screw juicer, since both machines can process the fruit and vegetables, getting the juice finally. However, there are some differences between them.

First, the inner structure is different. The fruit pulping extraction machine has several long blades inside machine, and the fruit and vegetables are constantly beaten by the blades and you can taste some pulp. The screw juicer matches with a single-screw or double-screw structure that squeezes the fruits in order to get the juice.

Second, the final effect is different. The fruit processed by the pulper machine is thicker than the fruit treated by the screw juicer.

Which factors can affect the pulping effect of a fruit pulping machine?

  1. The nature of the fruits and vegetables themselves.
  2. The diameter of the screen hole: is 0.4 ~ 1.5mm, the screen hole can be changed according to different raw materials.
  3. The percentage towards the total area of sieve holes in a total area of screen drum: 50%
  4. lead angle.
  5. The gap between blades and inner drum: 1 ~ 4mm.
  6. The speed of the shaft.
Juicer machine
Juicer Machine

Why should you adjust the speed of raw material in the drum?

The faster the shaft rotates, the faster the raw material move. In this way,  the lead angle is large with less pulping time, as a result, the moving speed is fast. It is convenient to adjust the lead angle and the change of lead angle has a great influence on the material moving speed.

  1. you shall add the raw material evenly, and check the specific situation of slag and slurry at any time. If the pulping effect is not good, you can properly adjust the spiral angle of the scraper and the gap between the scraper and the screen after stopping.
  2. When finishing, clean the filter with water and brush.

5 sets fruit pulping machine exported to South Africa

We sold 5 sets of fruit pulper to South Africa last week. This customer runs a fruit shop, buying 5 sets of machines for his friends and him. All machines have to be packed well and are ready to deliver.

Fruit pulping machine deliver to south africa
Fruit Pulping Machine Deliver To South Africa
Delivery site of juicing machine
Delivery Site Of Juicing Machine

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