Mango fruit juice production line | mango juice pulp processing machine

Mango fruit juice production line
mango fruit juice production line
The mango juice production line is also called mango juice pulp processing line.It is also suitable for making apple juice, ketchup and other products.
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The mango juice production line takes fresh mangoes as raw materials, which can process mango and other fruits into a concentrated juice, concentrated jam, mango juice, etc. The mango juice produced by the mango juice pulp production line is rich in nutrition. Mango juice has the function of delaying aging and improving human immunity. And this large-scale mango processing production line has a high production capacity, it can process 10 tons to 2500 tons of mangoes a day. The mangoes processed by the mango juice processing line have a high juice yield. Moreover, its packaging forms are diverse, which can meet the needs of different customers.

Mango processing machines
Mango Processing Machines

Mango juice is rich in nutrients

Mango is a nutritious fruit, it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. Mango has a high edible value. It can be added to dishes as auxiliary material, and it also can mix with other fruits to squeeze the juice. Mango juice has a bactericidal effect, it can inhibit the growth of Escherichia coli, pyogenes, and other fungi. Therefore, drinking mango juice can help sterilize and reduce inflammation and treat gastritis. Mango juice contains a lot of vitamins A and C. These two antioxidants can organize harmful substances in the body to carry out oxidation reactions, so they have anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects. In addition, eating mango juice can also beautify the skin and promote bowel movements. The mango juice produced by the mango juice production line is rich in nutrients, so mango beating machines are also very popular on the market.

Overview of Mango Juice Production Line

Raw materials: fresh mango.

Finished products: concentrated juice, concentrated sauce, fruit juice drinks, etc.

Capacity: 10 tons/day -2500 tons/day

Juice yield: about 75% (25% is fruit peel and core)

Final concentrated juice concentration: 65~72Brix

Finished product packaging: aseptic big bag/hall-loading/glass bottle/PET bottle

Mango juice pulp production line process

The mango juice pulp production line uses fresh mangoes as raw materials, which are processed by several mango processing machines to produce concentrated mango juice. The steps of mango juice production are: raw material-cleaning-selection-brush cleaning-mango core removal-preheating and enzyme removal-mango beating-sterilization-filling

Mango juice pulp processing line flow chart
Mango Juice Pulp Processing Line Flow Chart

Mango processing machines involved in the mango juice production line


Whether in the mango juice production line, tomato sauce production line or other fruit and vegetable production lines, the function of the hoist is used to convey materials. The hoist is mainly made of food-grade materials. And the machine’s conveying output is related to the length of the hoist.

The hoist is used to convey mangoes in the mango juice processing plant
Hoist To Convey Mangoes

Mango washing machine

A mango washing machine is a machine for washing fresh mangoes. After cleaning by this machine, it can remove impurities and mango leaves on the mango. The mango cleaning machine uses a chain-plate conveyor belt to transport mangoes. The air bubbles generated by the fan of the machine clean and push the mango forward. Moreover, it includes a high-pressure spray device at the end of the mango washing machine. The device will further clean the mango to achieve the purpose of thorough cleaning.

Mango washing machine
Mango Washing Machine

Advantages of mango cleaning machine

  1. The mango bubble cleaning machine can clean mangoes in all directions and without dead ends, and thoroughly clean the impurities on the mangoes.
  2. The washing machine can equip with an ozone device to clean the pesticide residues on the mango.
  3. This mango washer adopts automatic control, the cleaning time is short, and the cleaning effect is good.
  4. It adopts a combination of spray and bubble cleaning, which will not damage the mango.
  5. Its cleaning output is large, and the machine can be customized according to customer needs.

Picking machine

The mango juice production line is similar to the tomato sauce production line. After cleaning the mangoes, it needs a sorting machine sort out the spoiled mangoes. The length of the manual fruit sorting machine can be customized according to the production needs to configure manual selection.

Mango juice processing plant
Mango Juice Processing Plant

Hair roller mango cleaning machine

The hair roller cleaning machine equips with a high-pressure spray device, which can further clean mangoes. In addition, the machine’s hair roller rolls to remove fine debris such as hair.

Mango juice extraction machine

Due to the unique structure of mangoes, mango corers need to be removed by a mango corer before beating. The mango juice extraction machine has two models: single-channel and dual-channel. When used in a single-channel mango pulper, it can be pitted and beaten separately. The first channel of the double-channel beater is used for core removal, and the second channel applies for peeling and beating. Therefore, whether it is a single-channel or double-channel mango coring and pulping machine, it can achieve the functions of mango core, peeling, and beating.

Mango juice making machine
Mango Juice Making Machine

 Preheating enzyme killer

The preheating enzyme killer is a tubular preheater. This machine mainly applies for the preheating of fruit pulp to kill enzymes and pre-pasteurization. The machine heats the material in the pipeline through heat exchange. Its specific working principle is: when the material enters the pipe, open the steam valve connected to the heater to let in water vapor. The steam heating pipe heats the material so that it can heat and kill the enzyme.

Mango beating and refining machine

The mango beating refiner is the second refining and beating of mangoes. Compared with the first mango beating, the fineness of this beating is finer. This machine makes the mango beating rate as high as 98%, which can increase the extraction rate of the raw juice by 2 to 3%. The screen aperture of the mango pulping and refining machine can be customized according to the requirements of customers or production to meet the requirements of different products. The machine and food contact parts are made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel.

Mango juice pulping machine
Mango Juice Pulping Machine

Mango pulping machine Model

Blade speed(r/s)960108022002200
Filter size(mm)0.6/0.8/1.10.6/0.8/1.10.6/0.8/1.10.6/0.8/1.1

Mango juice sterilization machine

Fruit juice sterilization is an essential step in the mango juice production line. This step is mainly used to eliminate bacteria in the juice and prolong the shelf life of the juice. Mango sterilization uses a casing sterilizer. A casing sterilizer especially applies for the sterilization of viscous materials such as concentrated fruit juice. The casing sterilizer uses high temperature to instantaneously sterilize mango juice. And it will not destroy the color and original nutrients of mango juice. In addition, the sterilizer is easy to clean and has low maintenance costs. And the machine can work continuously for a long time.

Mango juice filling and packaging machine

The mango juice filling machine and packaging machine can realize the filling and packaging of mango juice. During the filling process, the entire environment is in an aseptic filling environment. As the most important part of juice production and sales, the juice filling machine equips with a complete automatic cleaning system and control system. The whole machine adopts intelligent PLC control and equips with a missing cover and overload protection device. It can find and eliminate faults in time and has a high degree of automated production.

Mango fruit juice filling packaging machine
Mango Fruit Juice Filling Packaging Machine

Features of mango filling machine:

  1. Features such as automatic bottle washing, filling, capping, etc.
  2. Adopt advanced gravity or fluid filling principle, fast filling speed, and accurate accuracy.
  3. The electrical components adopt internationally renowned brands, and the parts in contact with mango juice adopts stainless steel.
  4. Mango juice filling machine is suitable for filling water, peanut butter, ketchup, fruit juice, and other raw materials.
  5. The automatic height adjustment device and independent feeding rod are suitable for filling bottles of different sizes.

Mango juice pulp processing line features

  1. The whole mango juice production line can realize continuous production, and the production output is large. The production output ranges from 10 tons to 2500 tons of raw materials, meeting the production requirements of large and medium-sized factories.
  2. It adopts the intelligent PLC to control the entire production process, which greatly saves labor and is easy to operate.
  3. The mango juice production line is also suitable for the production of pineapple juice, apple juice, orange juice, and other fruit juices.
  4. This industrial mango juice pulp processing line is suitable for beating different specifications of mango
  5. All mango processing machines and mango contact parts adopt food-grade materials, which meet food safety and sanitation production standards.

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