How to choose a commercial coffee bean roasting machine?

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When the cafe was first opened, most cafes generally did not have their own roasters. They usually ordered coffee beans locally, but the taste of the coffee beans purchased from the market did not always meet the needs of coffee operators. So most cafe operators choose to buy a commercial coffee bean roasting machine by themselves. So how to choose a commercial coffee roasting machine, what should you pay attention to when choosing?

The most concerns of cafe operators

1. The problem of smoke exhaust, because most shops are basically open, so if you bake yourself, you must first consider the problem of the smoke exhaust.
2. Whether the operation is simple, for a new roaster, the simplicity of the coffee roasting machine operation should also be taken into consideration.

3. How to maintain the coffee machine? How to maintain and clean the coffee machine daily to prevent fire or blockage and ensure safety?
4. Roasting quality, the quality of the coffee roasted by the coffee machine reflects the personality of the coffee shop, and the artistic intention of the roaster, which is particularly important.

Coffee bean roasting machine
Coffee Bean Roasting Machine

Choose a commercial coffee bean roasting machine with the following characteristics

1. Have a high-quality burner

The burner is to control and adjust the heat balance reaction. Experienced users know that coffee does not take a long time to roast. And as the roasting time passes, the flavor of the coffee beans will change faster and faster. Therefore, it is necessary to quickly adjust the temperature of the hot air up and down to make it react quickly.

At present, the latest high-tech burners have a high response sensitivity, and the gas can be fully burned. It can also adapt to the climate and the calorific value of gas in different regions. Traditional fire-exhaust burners cannot achieve that.

2.With oil fume treatment system

At the same time, considering the economic benefits of users, you shall pay attention to the oil fume treatment. Some international baking specialty experts are addressing this issue for coffee shop owners. You can install exhaust gas filtration systems that do not require exhaust combustion, which totally reduces energy consumption, saving gas costs.

3.Easy to operate

When choosing a coffee bean roasting machine, you should focus that whether it is easy to operate. We’d better choose an operating system that is easy to use. Currently, some commercial coffee roaster machines are equipped with a control panel that can achieve automatic operation.

4.Good cooling device

Cooling is an important part of roasting coffee beans! Because the temperature of the freshly roasted beans is very high, if they are not cooled, the beans’ own heat will continue to roast the beans. At the same time, the high temperature can easily cause the aroma of coffee beans to volatilize quickly, losing its original taste. Therefore, when choosing commercial coffee beans roasting machine, we must pay special attention to their cooling device and its cooling effect.

5.Silverskin processing function

In addition to the cooling device that locks the aroma, the silver processing function of commercial coffee beans roasting machine is also our focus. Silverskin needs to be removed during the roasting process.

The silver skin itself is not harmful, but if it is not removed cleanly, it will affect the taste of the coffee. Moreover, if the silver skin is left in the coffee roaster, it will burn in the next time when roasting. In addition, incomplete removal of silver skin can also cause a fire.

6.The material and structure of the baking drum

At present, there are many drum-type commercial coffee beans roasting machines on the market. During the roasting process, this type of coffee roaster will have close to 30% of the thermal energy transmitted to the coffee beans through the roasting drum through heat conduction and radiation. Therefore, the structure and the material of the baking drum are very important. A baking drum with reasonable structure and good material can provide uniform heat conduction and heat radiation.

After our continuous optimization and upgrading, Taizy’s new coffee roaster has the above characteristics.


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