Difference between coffee beans and cocoa beans

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How to get a cup of delicious coffee? We will use coffee roasting machine for sale. Many people in daily life like to drink coffee and cocoa,and they often confuses them, wrongly thinking they are the same. Strictly speaking, coffee beans are just a collective term. It includes many types, and cocoa beans are one of them.
What’s the Difference between coffee beans and cocoa beans?

Cocoa beans

It origins from the tropical region of the Americas, and be used to make beverage and chocolate candy that are rich in nutrition and taste delicious. Cocoa beans are the fruit of the cocoa tree, and can also be refined into cocoa powder and chocolate. Besides, you can extract cocoa butter from it.

Chocolate, originally called cocoa, is a seed taken from the fruit of the cocoa tree. Cocoa beans are made into cocoa powder and then added with sugar, milk, peanuts and other ingredients, by doing so, you can get chocolate.
The color of ripe cocoa fruit changes from turquoise to khaki or brownish red. The shape, size, and color of it is different in different regions.
When you open the outer shell, you can see the cocoa beans wrapped in white floc. Take out the beans and dry them, and then roast them in a coffee roasting machine for sale to make cocoa beans.
The growth conditions of cocoa beans are very harsh. It requires sufficient sunlight and temperature, but it cannot be directly irradiated. Therefore, the planters must also have good shade and windproof measures. And cocoa trees can only grow in tropical rain forests with an altitude of 30-300m

Coffee beans

Coffee tree is an evergreen shrub, and is a economic crop as well. The origin of the coffee tree is Ethiopia in Africa. The climate is the decisive factor for coffee planting. Coffee trees are suitable only for tropical or subtropical regions. Therefore, the zone between 25 degrees north and south latitude is generally called the coffee zone or coffee producing area.
The higher the altitude is, the better the quality of coffee will be. Coffee beans are actually fruit seeds of coffee trees. They are called coffee beans because they are shaped like beans.
After the coffee beans are removed from the pulp, and then washed, roasted with a coffee roaster for sale, they become the coffee beans we know now. After grinding the coffee beans into powder, we can drink it in free time.
In general, coffee beans are grown on branches. The cocoa fruit grows on the trunk. Coffee beans are harvested once a year, while cocoa fruits are harvested once every two years. What they have in common is similar climate requirements.

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